Since Council approval in June 2020, the Green Line team has been advancing functional planning in segment 2A (Elbow River to 2 Avenue S.W.). This work has been focused on finalizing the alignment – for example, the path the tunnel will take through the Beltline from 11 Avenue to 2 Street – determining locations of underground stations and evaluating what the utility relocation program may look like to support construction of the tunnel and stations.

Planning & design objectives for segment 2A

The functional plan has been completed based on planning and design objectives developed from key internal and external stakeholder interests and from public feedback received during Green Line engagement sessions, community meetings and stakeholder workshops. Key objectives in planning segment 2A include:

  • Explore opportunities for station integration with adjacent development and public realm
  • Provide continued functionality aesthetic and experience of the Eau Claire promenade
  • Support continued vibrancy of cultural, social and commercial activities
  • Enable future development opportunities
  • Minimize impacts to the mobility network
  • Minimize impacts to Victoria Park Transit Centre Operations and existing residential and commercial properties

In addition to the above objectives, feedback previously received from the public related to the functional plan and alignment have been top of mind as the project team has advanced the segment 2 functional plan.

10/12 Avenue vs. 11 Avenue cost benefit comparison

Following Council direction from June 15, 2020, the Green Line project team completed a cost-benefit comparison for the 2020 Council approved alignment on 11 Avenue, and the former 2017 alignment along 10/12 Avenues through the Beltline. The alignment options were reviewed and assessed based on criteria such as; cost and value, environment, development impact, mobility, connectivity, risk and constructability, to ensure that the chosen alignment delivers the best value and outcome for Calgarians.

The 11 Avenue alignment remains the recommended alignment.

Please click through each of the tabs below, to learn more about the key areas of the functional plan including:

  • Elbow River Bridge
  • Beltline
  • Downtown
  • Eau Claire integration


The Elbow River Bridge is the crossing of the Green Line over the Elbow River between Victoria Park and Ramsay in southeast Calgary. In addition to crossing over the Elbow River, this bridge also spans multi-use pathways on either side and it will be located south of the two CP Rail bridges and the 9 Avenue S.E. bridge currently under construction.

The planning and design objectives that have influenced the design of the Elbow River Bridge include:

  • Providing a simple LRT bridge that does not compete with adjacent bridges
  • Ensuring a safe and comfortable pathway experience under and around the bridge
  • Incorporating The City’s underpass design guidelines and urban design elements.

Our design concept includes:

  • Gateway treatment and façade cladding
    • We will engage the community in the future on design options for the façade of the bridge.
  • Illuminated underpass environment
  • Updated multi-use pathway on the east side
  • CCTV/ emergency callbox for safety and security


4 Street S.E. station

4 Street S.E. station is an underground station that will be located under 11 Avenue S., between 5 Street S.E. and 6 Street S.E. The station will connect directly into current Victoria Park and the future north east corner of the Rivers District being planned by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC).

The 4 Street S.E. Station will be a center-loaded platform with a concourse level above. We are working with adjacent land owners to identify potential locations for station entrances with the objective of integrating entrances into future development.

Centre Street S. station

Centre Street S. station is an underground station, located under 11 Avenue S.W. straddling Centre Street S. The station will have a centre-loading platform with a concourse level above. We are working with adjacent land owners to identify potential locations for station entrances with the objective of integrating entrances into existing or future development.

Alignment curve from 11 Avenue to 2 Street

We have refined the alignment of the curve that connects 11 Avenue with 2 Street. This curve alignment avoids conflicts with underground obstructions, reduces the number of affected property owners and is within acceptable construction parameters for tunnel boring.


7 Avenue S.W. station

The 7 Avenue S.W. station will be located just north of 7 Avenue S.W. in the centre of downtown Calgary. Station entrances have potential to be within the 2 Street S.W. right-of-way or integrated into adjacent developments. The station will be the busiest station on the entire Green Line alignment as it will be key transfer hub between the existing LRT lines, MAX Yellow and MAX Purple bus rapid transit services, and the Airdrie Ice regional transit service. In addition to being a key transfer hub, 7 Avenue S.W. station is directly adjacent to high density commercial and residential developments.

2 Avenue S.W. station

2 Avenue S.W. station is located on the west side of 2 Street S.W. between Waterfront Mews S.W. and Riverfront Avenue S.W. The station and tunnel is planned to be fully-integrated into the future redevelopment of the Eau Claire Market site.

As one of two key downtown stations, 2 Avenue S.W. station will not only connect Calgarians to the historic Eau Claire area, but also to the vibrant Prince’s Island Park, offering natural beauty, festivals and recreation opportunities; and Chinatown, a historic, culturally vibrant neighborhood of unique shops, restaurants and residences.

In order to facilitate building a Green Line station at this site in the future, the current approved land use must be amended to allow for the addition of a Green Line LRT station. This land use amendment will not impact the vision for the future Eau Claire Market site, which was established through community and stakeholder engagement in 2015. Further outreach with the community is slated for later this year when the application is submitted.


The interface of the Green Line alignment in Eau Claire, from the 2 Avenue S.W. station to the new Bow River LRT Bridge, along the river’s edge and pathway system, provides an urban design opportunity. Initial concept plans for this interface have been developed. The design intention is to shift the Eau Claire Promenade (multi-use pathway) south into a new plaza area, to go up and over the Green Line alignment and then reconnect to the existing pathway system adjacent to the Bow River. There are design opportunities for this area to include additional amenities such as a plaza, public gathering space and landscaping features. Green Line’s integration into the Eau Claire area is still in the early stages of design and will be coordinated with several stakeholders, including the Eau Claire Plaza, Promenade and Downtown Flood Protection projects. For more information on the Eau Claire interface with the Bow River LRT Bridge, please make sure you check out the Bow River LRT project page.

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The Green Line team is continuing to work through refining and finalizing station and entrance locations. We are also continuing to work with adjacent land owners and developers, to explore opportunities for station entrance integration in current or future developments.


The Green Line Project is at an exciting point in the project’s history, as it moves from planning into Reference Concept Design, which is the development of project requirements that will be used to issue a request for proposal to hire a design-build-finance contractor who will lead the detailed design and construction of stage 1.

As always, the Green Line will continue to keep stakeholders top of mind as it moves from planning, to procurement to construction phases. The Green Line will continue to use the Business Support Program, which officially launched in 2020 to help businesses prepare for and manage the potential impacts of construction of the Green Line.