Stage 1 of the Green Line LRT runs from 16 Avenue N to 126 Avenue S.E. It includes 20 km of linear track, with an alignment which runs through more than 15 communities and alongside hundreds of businesses. While we are focused on the long-term vision and the benefits the Green Line will deliver on opening day, it is important to understand that the period of construction of the Green Line LRT will be disruptive and that we all need to be prepared. Green Line is committed to working with businesses and communities in advance of construction to ensure that impacted stakeholders have the information they need to be prepared for construction, and so that we can all be better equipped to manage the impacts of LRT construction.

We are kicking off engagement this fall to introduce you to the program, and to learn about your hopes and fears for Green Line construction.

Want to get more involved? Consider serving as a public member on our new Business Insights Panel. The deadline to apply is December 13.

More about the Business Support Program

What will a Business Support Program do?

Throughout construction, Green Line will work to maintain open lines of communication with impacted stakeholders, ensuring there are regular updates and providing advance notice of planned disruptions. There will be a team equipped to respond to public concerns, address issues and support timely resolution. As part of the Business Support Program, Green Line will establish a Business Insights Panel and the team will facilitate regular opportunities for businesses and communities to ask questions about Green Line construction activity. The team will also provide opportunities to work collaboratively with The City to develop both City and community-driven ideas to support impacted businesses and communities throughout the extended construction period.

Potential initiatives could include things like providing detour communications for impacted businesses, improved signage and wayfinding, or initiatives that may require greater coordination and effort like special events or programming.

How will a Business Support Program support different business needs?

The Business Support Program is envisioned to evolve with the project. The idea is to establish a core Business Support Program with ongoing opportunities to provide input and inform the program as construction impacts change and new opportunities are identified from now until opening day.

How committed is the City of Calgary to supporting businesses during construction?

In 2015, City Council directed Administration through a Notice of Motion (NM2015) to consult with the impacted business community to develop a Business Support Program, and report back to the Green Line Committee, prior to commencement of construction of the Green Line LRT.

Through the Business Support Program, the team is committed to working with businesses and communities along the Green Line to help prepare for and manage potential impacts through each phase of the Green Line LRT project and we are not starting from scratch. For the past few years, we have been learning from other projects in Calgary and from other cities. We have been learning from businesses and communities impacted by Green Line’s enabling works projects in Beltline, Ramsay, Highfield, Ogden and Douglas Glen. We have been testing ideas and working to better understand our stakeholders in preparation for LRT construction and for the development of a program to support businesses.

What could construction look like?

As cities grow and the need for people to connect across the city for work, for school, to reach amenities and services, so does the need for transit projects like the Green Line LRT project. This is an important investment into Calgary’s future. Having said that, we know that construction will be disruptive for Calgarians, for businesses, and for communities along the Green Line alignment and that we all need to be prepared.

The Green Line LRT project is a linear infrastructure project. Stage 1 includes 20 kilometres of light rail track and will have at-grade, elevated and underground components. To help put the scale of these types of projects into perspective, we have included a small handful of images of LRT construction projects from Calgary and around the world.

We also know that projects of this scale take much longer to plan for and deliver than a typical City infrastructure project. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that we don’t have all the information today and that we will not have many of the details around construction impacts for some time to come.

There are different construction methods that can be used to construct projects like the Green Line LRT. These photos represent a variety of construction methods, however, the actual method of construction of the Green Line LRT project is not known at this time.

The Business Insights Panel

Join the Business Insights Panel

With Council approval of the Stage 1 alignment, the Green Line team is continuing to build our understanding of the potential impacts of construction so that we can plan ahead. We are recruiting a Business Insights Panel to ensure local business perspectives are embedded in our consultation process now.

The Business Insights Panel will be comprised of representatives from Business Improvement Areas, Community Associations, and members of the public from along the Green Line Stage 1 alignment (16 Avenue N to 126 Avenue S.E.). If you are a business owner, manager or staff interested in sharing your perspective, click the tab to the right to learn more and apply. Know another business-person who might be a good fit? Let them know that the deadline to apply is December 13.

Apply now

Joining the Business Insights Panel is a volunteer-based commitment. The panel will be comprised of roughly 20 members, including Business Improvement Area and Community Association representatives, and members of Calgary's business community. You can expect to contribute between 2-5 hours per month. Submission of a resume, C/V or cover letter is required. Before applying, please ensure you review the following documents:

The Business Insights Panel Terms of Reference.

The City of Calgary's Respectful Workplace Policy.

The deadline to apply is December 13. Only successful applicants will be contacted. Thank you for your application and willingness to support Calgary's business community!

Provide your input

This first phase of engagement introduces the Business Support Program to Calgary's businesses and communities. In this first phase, we want to understand your construction hopes and fears, and learn more about your business. These initial questions will help set a foundation for the second phase of engagement, where we'll work toward establishing program objectives for the BSP.

Click through the tabs below to provide your feedback.

Construction hopes

This first question is about your construction hopes. Please note that the character limit for this response is 140 characters. This helps us to collectively understand the key points from hundreds of responses. Please limit each response to one idea. However, you can share as many responses as you like!

What are your hopes for construction? How do you think a Business Support Program could help you to prepare for and manage the impacts of construction?

Think about filling in the blank to this question: To help me prepare for and manage the impacts of construction, a Business Support Program should _____________.

3 December, 2020

Steven says:

“Do South Green Line first and only! Hold North Line until well cinsulted with the Citizen Committee and resolving all inputs and issues. ”

27 November, 2020

NoNenshi says:

“We dont need to waste money on painting murals on the barricades. Get on with the construction & mitigate the impact by reducing timelines. ”

26 November, 2020

Dennis says:

“considering the impacts to business, Convenient multi modal access to businesses and ensure that wayfinding signage is accurate and effectiv”

24 November, 2020

Mark says:

“While I support the Green Line, I would like it to cross the Bow River as far away from Prince’s Island as possible.”

20 November, 2020

bill says:

“No Tunnel , cross the Bow, next to Centre Street Bridge and connect via River Front Avenue to 3rd Street with a hub at city hall”

17 November, 2020

Oggie says:

“Not much. You wait until construction/design has been finalized to ask business owners how the Greenline will impact them? Kinda pointless.”

Construction worries

We know construction is hard at the best of times. This second question will help us to understand what aspects of construction concern you most. Your responses will help to inform the second phase of engagement: setting program objectives.

Please note that the character limit for this response is also 140 characters. This helps us to collectively understand the key points from hundreds of responses. Please limit each response to one topic. However, you can share as many responses as you like!

Thinking about Green Line construction around your business, what aspect(s) of your business do you fear could be most impacted by construction?

Think about filling in the blank to this question: Construction is always challenging, but the one aspect of my business that could be most affected by construction is _____________.

27 November, 2020

NoNenshi says:

“Time & money wasted on appeasing snowflakes in construction. Wasted money spending on the arts. Defund the arts”

Communication preferences

More about you

Thank you for taking the time to answer these optional demographic questions.

We want you to feel included in engagement. This means that we want you to feel respected; we want you to know your opinion is valued; and, we want you to be supported to participate in The City’s engagement process. We do not want you to experience any difficulties to sharing your ideas and opinions with us. We try to design engagement activities so that everyone that wants to be involved, can be.

We use your answers to the following evaluation and demographic questions to understand which voices from the community are missing so we can be better at including them next time. We work with internal and external colleagues to help ensure that our engagement activities are welcoming to all.