In June 2020, Council approved the updated Green Line LRT alignment that runs through downtown and up towards the interim terminus of stage 1 at 16 Avenue N.

The updated alignment includes:

  • A surface-running LRT on Centre Street N.
  • LRT stations at both 16 Avenue N. and 9 Avenue N.
  • A commitment to improve the overall streetscape along Centre Street N.

Green Line will rebuild Centre Street North as a vibrant street integrated with LRT that will:

  • Prioritize pedestrian experience & improves pedestrian connectivity
  • Facilitate reliable, efficient & safe transit operations
  • Manage vehicle access for residents and businesses
  • Minimize impacts to existing properties and businesses
  • Maximize future development opportunities and prioritize transit-oriented development


From October 2020 to March 2021, the Green Line project team conducted two phases of virtual engagement for Planning in Crescent Heights (Streetscape Masterplan for Centre Street North and Crescent Heights Mobility Study).

Our first phase of engagement included listening to Calgarians and exploring their perspectives on opportunities and challenges related to the future vision of Centre Street N. The feedback from the first phase was used to inform initial concepts and ideas, which were presented back to the community for evaluation in the second phase of engagement.

In our final phase, we are reporting back on how community input has informed the final recommendations and sharing the final project recommendations with the public before committee.

For the Streetscape Master Plan and Crescent Heights Mobility Study, the high-level themes we heard from the public through engagement included:

  • Importance of pedestrian accessibility and trees & vegetation
  • Desire for better cycling connections throughout the community
  • Importance of maintaining business access

We also heard that citizens are concerned about traffic calming, the impacts of construction and saw challenges related to parking charges in the community. The input received through engagement was used to inform and refine the recommendations and next steps.

Engagement Summary Reports


The City has been working through a process called functional planning. This is where we better understand unique engineering requirements and any specific issues that need to be addressed to develop more detailed plans.

For Centre Street N., we have completed the functional layout for the LRT and roadway, including the alignment and station layout.

Along Centre Street, stage 1 of Green Line extends from 16 Avenue N. to the edge of the McHugh Bluffs north of the Bow River. As part of stage 1, two stations will be built on the corridor, one at 16 Avenue N. and one at 9 Avenue N.


Highlights of the new design for Centre Street N. include:

  • LRT operating in the middle of the road
  • Roadway reduced to a single lane in each direction
  • Removal of on-street parking
  • Safer signalized pedestrian crossings
  • Re-alignment of the 8 Avenue bike route to both 7 and 9 Avenues
  • Streetscape improvements including new sidewalks, pedestrian street lighting and tree plantings


The Green Line LRT will run along the surface of Centre Street N. in the middle of the road, with a single lane of traffic in each direction. Centre Street will be modified to remove parking lanes to make way for the LRT right-of-way.

Today, motorists can access businesses and the Crescent Heights community through left and right turns at all intersections. Northbound left turns are currently restricted in the evening peak (3 to 6 p.m.) at 7 and 13 Avenues.

As part of Green Line LRT, how motorists access businesses and the community will change. Right turns will continue to be permitted at every intersection, while left turns will only be permitted at signalized intersections:

  • Northbound left turns will be provided at: 7 Avenue, 10 Avenue, 12 Avenue and 16 Avenue
  • Southbound left turns will be provided at: 9 Avenue, 12 Avenue and 16 Avenue

Green Line will also change how vehicles move across Centre Street N. East-west vehicle movement will be permitted at signalized intersections at 7 Avenue, 9 Avenue, 10 Avenue and 12 Avenue. The remainder of the side streets will be limited to right-in/right-out turning movements.


9 Avenue Station

The station is the most southern part of the Centre Street commercial corridor, just north of downtown in the heart of Crescent Heights. The 9 Avenue N. station is located in the middle of the road between 7 Avenue N. and 9 Avenue N. This station will see 3,800 to 4,600 daily riders and the station will include:

  • signalized crosswalks at both avenues to access the station
  • side-loaded platforms for inbound (to downtown) and outbound (to 16 Avenue N.) trains
  • canopies to provide passengers with protection and shelter from the wind, rain and snow
  • transit plaza with space for bike and scooter parking


16 Avenue Station

The 16 Avenue N. station will operate as an interim terminus for the stage 1 alignment until future expansion north of 16 Avenue N. occurs. The 16 Avenue N. Station will be one of the busiest stations because of the high volume of people who live and work in the area with approximately 8,000 to 10,000 daily riders. 16 Avenue N will be a key transfer point for Green Line LRT, MAX Orange and the north central BRT. The 16 Avenue N. station is located in the middle of the road between 14 Avenue N. and 16 Avenue N. The station will include:

  • signalized crosswalks at both avenues to access the station
  • a centre-loaded platform that provides access to both inbound and outbound trains
  • central overhead canopy with a flat roof to provide shelter from the sun, rain and snow
  • transit plaza with space for bike and scooter parking

The City has also finalized our plans and recommendations on the Streetscape Master Plan and Crescent Heights Mobility Study. To review these project more detail, please visit the pages below.


The Green Line Project is at an exciting point in the project’s history, as it moves from planning into Reference Concept Design, which is the development of project requirements that will be used to issue a request for proposal to hire a design-build-finance contractor who will lead the detailed design and construction of stage 1.

As always, the Green Line will continue to keep stakeholders top of mind as it moves from planning, to procurement to construction phases. The Green Line will continue to use the Business Support Program, which officially launched in 2020 to help businesses prepare for and manage the potential impacts of construction of the Green Line.


For our engagement earlier in 2021, a virtual simulation of an Open House was provided as an interactive experience where participants could learn more information about the projects in Crescent Heights and learn how to participate. You are welcome to review the information for a high-level overview of the projects.

The image below is of an Open House, similar to what you would experience at an in-person event held at a community hall.

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