This site, the Engage portal, was established to provide Calgarians with an online space to learn about and participate in City projects and initiatives that are open for public input.

Within the Engage portal you can:

  • Provide feedback on projects that are currently open for input.
  • Learn about upcoming in-person public engagement events.
  • Find out what we heard from participants on projects previously open for input.
  • Check the progress of ongoing projects.
  • Discover what final decisions were made on projects that had public involvement.

We encourage you to get involved, provide your input online or in person, and stay connected to all projects that interest you.

Your Input & Influence

At The City of Calgary, decisions are made on a daily basis that impact more than a million people. Your input, and the input of other individuals and groups, helps City leaders and decision makers better understand the perspectives, opinions, and concerns of people potentially impacted by City decisions. Public input is collected, where appropriate, and considered along with other factors (which may include things such as cost, environmental impact, technical limitations, long-range plans/goals, etc.) before decisions are made.

"Engagement” at The City of Calgary is defined as:

Our Approach

Public engagement at The City of Calgary is guided by the Engage Policy, Engage Framework and Process.

The City’s Engage Policy is in place to ensure we set a standard of excellence when working with Calgarians by following engagement best practices consistently across The Corporation.

The Engage Framework is City Administration's guide to public engagement. It helps increase understanding of the purpose and benefits of public engagement, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and includes tools to support the public engagement process.

Thanks to everyone who has already provided feedback on City projects and initiatives. We look forward to hearing from many more Calgarians in the weeks, months and years ahead.