The Engage portal offers Calgarians an online space to learn about and engage in City projects open for public input. Click the "Home" button above to view all the projects. Using the portal you can:

  • Provide feedback
  • Explore upcoming events
  • See participant input
  • Track project progress
  • Learn about final decisions

Join in, share your thoughts and stay connected with projects of interest!

Your Input and Influence

At The City of Calgary, daily decisions impact over a million people. Your input, along with that of fellow citizens and interested parties, aids decision makers in understanding the perspectives of people potentially impacted by City decisions. Public input is balanced with factors like budgets, regulations, and best practices.


Our Approach

At The City of Calgary, public engagement follows the Engage Policy, Engage Framework and Process.
The Engage Policy sets a high standard for consistent engagement with the public and interested parties across The Corporation.