The City of Calgary is undertaking a Master Plan for Stephen Avenue, with the intent of enhancing our city’s most iconic and memorable street. As one of Calgary’s premiere landmarks and destinations, a Master Plan is needed to:

  • Extend the energy and liveliness of the pedestrian mall westward along 8 Avenue S.W.;
  • Establish a new vision for Stephen Avenue that creates opportunities for private investment and redevelopment;
  • Create short and long-term strategies that can be implemented over time to make Stephen Avenue better for Calgarians and visitors.

As a first step, The City is reaching out to citizens, stakeholders and visitors to better understand the public life and public space of Stephen Avenue. We want to know what people enjoy or like about the Avenue, what could be improved, and what the opportunities are. We’ll be studying the public realm, engaging with citizens, and discussing a broad range of topics including: activities and events, public safety, social issues, economic vitality, mobility, history and placemaking.

Please visit our project page to learn more about the future of Stephen Avenue and to learn about our request for proposal to design that future.


The Stephen Avenue Streetscape Master Plan will focus on 8 Avenue S. in the downtown core – from Olympic Plaza (Macleod Trail S.E.) to Mewata Armoury (11 Street S.W.).

The study area is divided into three character areas.

Character Area 1

  • The pedestrian mall from Olympic Plaza to 4 Street S.W.
  • Regularly programmed for events and activities
  • Primarily hospitality, entertainment and retail providers
  • Historic sandstone buildings and character recognized on registry of National Historic Sites

Character Area 2

  • 2-way roadway, cycling facility, and sidewalks from 4 Street S.W. to 8 Street S.W.
  • Includes commercial and office space as well as hospitality and retail providers

Character Area 3

  • 2-way roadway, no cycling infrastructure, deteriorating sidewalks from 8 Street SW to Mewata Armory
  • Major redevelopment potential
  • Gateway to Shaw Millennium Park


Based on your experiences and thoughts about Stephen Avenue, we would like to know what you like about the Avenue, what you don’t like and what you think needs to be improved. Drag the map around to find a location or feature you would like to provide a comment for. Click "add marker", type your comment, and select "I like this", " I don't like this", or "Needs improvement". Add as many markers as you wish.

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