Winter City Design Competition

Innovative winter design is needed for great public spaces to thrive in the colder months of the year. Winnipeg has its warming huts, Germany has its Christmas Markets. What interventions and activations could fit like a glove in Calgary’s climate and culture?

Calgary’s Winter City Design Competition will explore this question. The City and the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape are inviting designers, artists and students to imagine the possibilities for winter city design along Stephen Avenue. We want people to explore and push beyond the boundaries of what public spaces in Calgary can be during the winter season.

Winning Submissions


Project team

  • Bosco Chik
  • Charlie Jiang
  • Christian Icuspit
  • William Zhuang
  • Karim Kandil


Project team

  • Seeton Naested (Project leader/Kid specialist)
  • Julian Warring, Kelsi Hurlbut (The TULA Project)
  • Kelsi Hurlbut (The TULA Project)
  • Adam Ford (Unique Projects)
  • John Lawlor (Optics Lighting & Controls)
  • Matt Labrie (Christie Lites)
  • Audrina Lim, Alison MacLachlan, John Rivera (MTa)