Phase 2 engagement coming in September 2022

Please click on the link below to view the What We Heard report for Phase 1.

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Give feedback on The City’s service plans and budgets for the next four years.

Your input is an important part of the service planning and budgeting process. By getting your feedback on key questions, we can better understand your perspective around our service levels and the value you receive in our service for your tax dollars and user fees paid.


The City is committed to ensuring that the services we provide are aligned with the needs of Calgarians and delivered in an effective, efficient, and financially sustainable way.

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2023-2026 Service Plans and Budgets

The City is working on plans to deliver on the services you value in our community. Providing your input helps us better understand your thoughts around what you value most in our services.

Below you will find services the City provides organized by Quality of Life Results, which are aspirational statements that describe the long-term well-being of children, adults, families and communities in Calgary. For each service there is a list of values to rank by dragging each value over to the right in the order of what is most important to you. Then after ranking the values, tell us why you picked the top value.

The survey for each service is optional. Please help us by completing the whole survey or just the services that matter most to you.

User Fees

Staff obtaining payment

Calgarians (or visitors to Calgary) pay a fee to use some City services, like transit fares, recreation passes and facility rentals.

What you might not know is that City Administration recommends prices for each user fee to Council as part of the Service Plans and Budgets process, and there is a policy to guide how this is done.  

We’re reviewing that policy now and we want to know your thoughts on these City fees and what factors should be considered when determining how and when they are applied.

Appetite for Risk

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Risk is about dealing with uncertainty, which we all do daily by making decisions. When The City takes a risk by trying a new initiative, there can be positive or negative financial impacts, it can slow down or speed up getting a service to you, or impact the accessibility of our services.

Fictional example: A City of Calgary team wants to try a new type of technology to improve their systems. If this initiative doesn’t go as planned, the cost of trying it may result in service impacts and/or increased costs. If the initiative succeeds, it could result in savings and/or a better quality of service.

We want to know about your comfort level with The City taking risks like this.

How is my input used?

Your input will be used to help articulate benefits, results and costs of each service so that Council has the information they need to decide if there are any service levels and investments that need to be made or changed

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Past engagement

Over the past few years, we’ve heard from Calgarians on what they value about services to develop Service Plans and Budgets.

To learn about past engagement that has informed how we spend your tax and user fee money, please visit the Service Plans and Budgets engagement archive. Service Plans & Budgets 2019-2022