Every 4 years The City of Calgary develops service plans and budgets. During this time Calgarians, City Council and City staff create our future direction and find the right balance between investing in quality public service and keeping tax rates affordable. It’s an important conversation about the future of our city and serving a great city.

The City of Calgary is working on our service plans and budgets to deliver on the services you value in our community. We are working together as One for Calgary to provide service value for citizens, customers and communities. These plans and budgets will be reviewed by your City Council in November of 2018. Learn more about the 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets by vising the project page.


Thank you for providing your input to help The City of Calgary as we build the service plans and budgets for the next four years. Your input is included in the What we Heard report. To see all verbatim comments that were provided, please click on the links on the left of this page. The verbatim reports are divided by each Council Priority and the general question that you answered. Also, please view the Citizens' View Research report for results from the Citizens' View Panel. To see how your input will influence The City’s next four years and the services you use everyday, check back to the project page on May 17.

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