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This page is organized into four tabs:

Tab 1: Water infrastructure off-site levies

Tab 2: Transportation off-site levies

Tab 3: Community services off-site levies

Tab 4: Preliminary 2024 off-site levy rates

Under each of the four tabs you will find brief descriptions of the types of off-site levies that are included in the Off-site Levies Bylaw. More detail on the projects covered under each off-site levy, and rationales that discusses the changes we are proposing to the Off-site Levies Bylaw and the reasons why can be found in the Off-site Levies Information Disclosure section. You may wish to read some or all of the disclosure documents before answering the questionnaires.

We want your feedback on the off-site levies, calculation and draft levy rates for 2024.

Each tab contains an off-site levy-specific questionnaire. Please take care to submit your responses by clicking on the red submit response button at the end of each individual survey. For example, if you would like to provide feedback for all questions, that will mean clicking submit response once under each tab (a total of four submissions).

Complete the questionnaires between September 18 and October 6, 2023.

Water Infrastructure

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Community Services

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Preliminary 2024 Off-site Levy rates

The table below outlines the preliminary 2024 Off-site Levy Bylaw rates. Further background information on the infrastructure, benefit methodology and levy rate calculation being used to support the fire portion of the 2024 Off-site Levies Bylaw may be found in the white papers.

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