City Council approved an updated Off-Site Levies Bylaw on January 16, 2024.

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What We Heard


Off-site levies partially pay for infrastructure that provides residents with vibrant communities to live, work and play in. The Off-site Levies Bylaw contains the methodology for calculating our off-site levy rates and the levy rate for each infrastructure type. The types of infrastructure that we collect off-site levies for include:

  • Water distribution and wastewater collection infrastructure, drainage systems and treatment plants.
  • Transportation (interchanges, structures over creeks and railways, road extensions, traffic signals, etc.).
  • Community or recreation facilities (emergency service and police stations, aquatic and fitness centres and libraries).
Periodically we review and update the Off-site Levies Bylaw to ensure the bylaw and levy charges are current. The

new calculation accommodates an update to Calgary's infrastructure needs and costs and respond to changes in the economy and pace of development.

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Project Overview

Off-site Levies Bylaw Review Timeline

What is an off-site levy?

An off-site levy is a charge that developers pay to support growth in our city when redeveloping existing communities and building new ones. The Municipal Government Act and the Off-site Levies Bylaw outline what infrastructure an off-site levy pays for. Calgary’s off-site levies help pay for infrastructure that supports growth and development.

Graphic showing water infrastructure