Preliminary 2024 Off-site Levy rates

The table below outlines the preliminary 2024 Off-site Levy Bylaw rates. Further background information on the infrastructure, benefit methodology and levy rate calculation being used to support the fire portion of the 2024 Off-site Levies Bylaw may be found in the white papers.

White Papers

White Papers

The white papers below provide additional information about the infrastructure that is being considered as part of the 2024 Off-site Levies Bylaw Review. Each white paper focuses on a specific infrastructure type relevant to the 2024 Off-site Levies.

Project Summaries

Financial Models


The data contained within the spreadsheets below are shared under an Open Government Licence - City of Calgary. This open government licence only applies to this data and this data only. Terms of Use can be found at

We have provided a data set to be used in your review of the draft model. The data provided (estimate projections) is a snapshot of information available now. Some data shared is a placeholder (close approximation) until updated data is available. Projections will be updated to the most recent or relevant data available.

Design and method of construction selected can change costs significantly (e.g. Alignment may change, tunneling vs. open-cut, etc.). The levy rate is set using actual costs for completed projects, and cost estimates for projects underway and forecasted. Class 1 to 5 cost estimates are used depending on the phase the project is in (e.g. Projects under construction use Class 1 –2 cost estimates and conceptual projects use Class 5 cost estimates). Any rates currently included are hypothetical and intended for the sole purpose of helping to explain a concept, relationship or trend.

Working Group Documents

Since 2021 we have engaged with development industry representatives to form ongoing working groups and hear from them on the Off-site Levy Bylaw Review. You can access the presentations, meeting notes and participant feedback by clicking on the Water, Transportation and Community Services headings below.