* Note, click here for the current engagement on Kensington Area Streetscape and Public Realm improvements *


As part of the West Hillhurst Streetscape and Public Realm Improvements Project, we are looking to make a series of community-level improvements within your community.

A map showing the community boundaries for West Hillhurst: •	south of the bluff (roughly 9 Avenue northwest), north of the river, west of 18 Street northwest, and east of 28 Street northwest.

Engagement for this project will take place over four phases:

  • Phase 1 - COMPLETE - Identifying opportunities: we will work with you to identify potential area improvements.
  • Phase 2 - Project prioritization: we will ask you to prioritize the projects identified during Phase 1 engagement.
  • Phase 3 - Refining designs: we will ask you to help use refine the designs for a short list of projects identified during Phase 2 engagement.
  • Phase 4 - Final designs: we will present the final project designs to the community.

This project is part of the Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy, a program that provides funding to support short-term (1-3 years) public realm improvement projects in established communities where growth and change are happening.


Phase 1 engagement is now closed. Thank you for your feedback! The comments you submitted can be viewed on the map below. A What We Heard report for this phase of engagement will be posted here in the coming weeks. Please check back for updates!

You know your community better than anyone. Because of this, we'd like to know about what kind of issues, improvements or suggestions you have from your community.

Drop a pin on the map below, and let us know more about what you would like to see in your community. You drop as many pins as you want, and can choose from the following categories:

  • Walking: where you would like improvements to walkability and walking connections
  • Biking and Wheeling: where you would like an improved biking or wheeling connection
  • Park Space: where you would like to see a park, or where you would like improvements to an existing park
  • Gathering Place: where you would like a place to hang out with friends and family
  • Business Access: where you would like improved access to businesses
  • Traffic: where you would like to improve a traffic issue

Your feedback will help us create a list of potential area improvements that we will ask you to prioritize in our next phase of engagement.

Please note: this activity is in support of improvements in the community of West Hillhurst. For more information and to provide your feedback on streetscape and public realm improvements in the communities of Hillhurst and Sunnyside, please visit the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Streetscape and Public Realm Project Improvements page.


Results from Phase 1 engagement (West Hillhurst - Phase 1 - What We Heard Report) will be used to inform a list of potential projects for you to help prioritize during Phase 2 engagement. Results from Phase 1 engagement will be compiled into a What We Heard report and posted to this site.