We are currently undertaking the Kensington Area Improvements project. This project is the combination of three separate projects located in the communities of Sunnyside, Hillhurst and West Hillhurst.

Previous public engagement was conducted for these projects as can be found in the links below:

We are looking to make a series of community-level improvements within the communities listed above. Based on the feedback received during the last round of engagement, a short-list of potential projects has been developed for further consideration.

We are seeking your feedback on these projects, such that we can select the ones that will be carried forward to implementation.


The primary objectives for this round of engagement are to:

  1. Identify which projects are most desired by the public (and which are not).
  2. Get feedback on the improvement concepts being considered for each project.

There are three different types of projects:

  • Streetscape Improvements: Streetscape improvements go beyond just mobility improvements and seek to create invitations for all users and modes as well as support the community’s economic activity, health and well-being, and foster greater social cohesion and community identity. The concepts presented at this stage are limited to a typical cross-section of what the road would look like. More detailed designs of the corridor(s) will progress in the next stage for the concepts that get carried forward. Streetscape Improvements are shown on the map with this icon:

  • Traffic Calming Enhancements: Traffic calming measures, which would improve the safety and comfort for pedestrians, cyclists, and other wheeled users are presented for feedback. Concept designs would be presented in the next stage of engagement for the projects that get carried forward. Traffic Calming enhancements are shown on the map with this icon:

  • Public Spaces: The City proposes to redesign a number of public spaces in the area to encourage physical activity and social interaction of a wide range of users. In addition, The City, community organizations and businesses will partner to curate temporary installations and activities throughout the year. Public feedback will be used to help identify community preferences and refine design concepts. Public Space projects are shown on the map with this icon:

The public feedback received during this phase of engagement will be used in conjunction with technical analysis and cost considerations to select which projects will be carried forward for implementation.


Phase 2 engagement is now closed. Please check back here for What We Heard Reports for the projects listed below.

Each potential project is highlighted in the map below. Please click on the icons to learn more about the project.


These projects are all part of the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy. They are part of an effort to invest in our existing communities, so they can be vibrant and successful for decades to come, and to support communities and local businesses where growth and change are happening and anticipated to happen.

The Established Area Growth and Change Strategy (the Strategy) is a program that provides funding to support short-term (1-3 years) public realm improvement projects in established communities where growth and change are happening. The Strategy connects planning, financial and investment decisions to provide the assistance that established communities need to support growth that is currently taking place.

City Council created the Established Area Investment Fund to dedicate funding for community improvements in established areas experiencing growth and change. The public realm improvements are intended to enhance the public areas within a community for current and future residents.


At the conclusion of this round of engagement, the following next steps will be taken:

  • The public feedback provided will be reviewed by the study team.
  • The projects will be evaluated based on the technical analysis and public feedback and a short list of recommended projects will be established.
  • The selected projects will undergo additional refinement and will be presented to the public at the next stage of engagement.