What is TOD?

TOD stands for Transit Oriented Development. It's about thoughtfully designing the development around designated train stations. The intent is to create communities where residents can live, work, shop and play in a pedestrian and cycle-friendly environment. TOD sites are in close proximity (e.g. walking distance) to rapid public transit and create an environment where the private automobile is an option and not a necessity.


TOD at 40 Ave N

From October 17 through to October 22, 2016, a multi-day collaborative workshop took place at Centre Street Church, West Campus. This is often referred to as a 'design charrette'. Dozens of community members joined a technical team of consultants and City staff to design a Community TOD Concept Plan for the area around the future Green Line LRT station. After six days of intense work including four public events, a Community TOD Concept Plan was created for the area.


Click here to view a "What We Heard" summary report from the design workshop. It outlines what happened, what we heard, as well as next steps. A more detailed report will become available in Spring 2017.


You can view all the presentations from the design charrette. Click below to see what was shared at the public events.
Note: these files are quite large. We recommend opening them on a desktop computer instead of a smart phone.


You should know...

The input you provide online and in-person will really be used to develop the TOD plan for your neighbourhood! At the end of the design charrette process the draft TOD Concept Plan you’ve co-created with us will be almost complete. The technical team then makes final edits to make sure all pieces of the plan will work.

The completed TOD Concept Plan will be presented to Council in June 2017. At that time City Council and the Planning and Development department will look at the plans to determine next steps and policy that may be required to make your vision a reality.

For more information about the Highland Village Green land use application, click here.