The West Macleod Residual Lands Area Structure Plan

In February 2024, the City of Calgary’s Local Area Planning Team began the process of creating a new Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the lands currently known as the “West Macleod Residual Lands.”


The West Macleod Residual Lands Area Structure Plan (ASP) will provide for the local area planning of 220 hectares (544 acres) in the City’s southwest. This policy document will provide the vision, goals and core principles that will shape the future stages of development. It will guide land use patterns, transportation and utility networks and implement the broad planning objectives of the Municipal Development Plan, Calgary Transportation Plan & other relevant regional and city-wide policies & strategies.

This process will include the scoping and review of numerous technical reports and analysis evaluating everything from population & employment forecasts to archeology & biophysical inventory. It will identify lands of environmental significance and demonstrate through the location of pathways, parks and streets how its future residents will be able to move, relax and play.

The outcome of all of this work will inform future growth strategies, identify the need for any Capital investments and provide for a sequencing of development.

A Land Use Concept will be developed that will show where all the higher ordered elements of a complete community should locate. It will contain the approximate location and type of schools and neighbourhood activity centres.


Frequently-Asked Questions

West Macleod Residual Lands ASP will provide for an entirely new Area Structure Plan (policy framework) that will guide the future development of those lands included on the map. The existing West Macleod ASP will NOT be amended. The recommendation to proceed with a new ASP was confirmed by the City Planning & Policy Service Committee. To reduce confusion, a new name will be selected for the West Macleod Residual Lands ASP following the planned Visioning Session scheduled to be held in March 2024.

We are at the beginning of the ASP development process, which we call the “Envision Phase and no Land Use Concept has been developed yet. The Land Use Concept will set the general land use typologies. 

No. The West Mcleod Residual Lands Area Structure Plan (ASP) project does not consider future annexation or developments in the identified Calgary Growth Area. Any future annexation is unknown at the moment.

The Project Plan Area borders Foothills County. Following higher-order Intermunicipal policy, we will collaborate with Foothills County Administration during ASP development. Working with all interested parties, including Foothills County, is good planning practice.

Yes. The City of Calgary has a long-established framework for the creation of Area Structure Plans. Commonly referred to as the ‘Developer-Funded Model’, this framework allows developer or landowner to apply to The City to create a new development plan for greenfield sites. All costs for the plan development are charged back to the developer or landowner. They are often the sole or majority landowner within the area being considered for plan development.



The West Macleod Residual Lands ASP includes lands located south of Pine Creek, west of Macleod Trail, east of the CPKC Rail line and north of Foothills County.


Feedback provided by participants helps shape the ASP as it is created.

Input provided by participants helps the project team understand perspectives, opinions and concerns throughout all phases of the project. Input collected in each phase of the project helps influence and inform the concepts and policies that are created and refined throughout the process. Throughout the project, the project team will share what was heard, highlighted the key themes raised, and provided responses for how key themes were addressed and considered.

Participant input is an important part of the ASP process, but is one of many areas of consideration. Other areas include: City policies, professional expertise, current context and trends, and equity which all factor into the ultimate decision-making process and concept development.

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