Playground Optimization Program - Overview

Calgary’s playgrounds are great places for Calgarians of all ages to relax and play. The City maintains more than 1,100 playgrounds.

As playgrounds require lifecycle work, The City looks at maximizing use of the space to ensure it continues to meet community needs. We assess the need by looking at demographics and working with the community to determine whether the space is best suited as a playground, or should be transformed into another type of community gathering green space.

Safety for park visitors is our first priority, and each playground is inspected seven times a year to ensure Canada Safety Association guidelines are met. Parks works with residents, community associations and other interested parties to discuss options prior to the lifecycle replacement.

If you have any questions or safety concerns, please contact 311.

Optimization Process

When evaluating the best possible use for playground space that is up for lifecycle, the following factors are considered:

  1. Available footprint in conjunction with budget - what space is available to install/replace play structure
  2. Age appropriate equipment - generally the 5-12 yrs range is targeted as being most widely usable (both in terms of range and functionality) but does require a larger footprint to be functional
  3. Proximity of other playgrounds in the area - benchmark goal for Calgary is 5 playgrounds for every 1,000 kids under 12
  4. Options for other opportunities - adult based play options, enhanced green space amenities (seating etc), nature and naturalized options
  5. Demographics of the community - are the current spaces most suited to the entirety of the community

When a space is transformed with new equipment and use options, they can become more welcoming to a broader base of community residents and become a location to be enjoyed by all. Green space is highly valued by Calgarians of all ages.

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Please note that the information we are gathering in this process is not to be considered as a vote. Instead, your feedback helps us better understand and meet the needs of the community as a whole.

Active Projects

Christie Estates

Given the community demographics and lifecycle condition of the current playground, The City intends to remove the playground and install a packed trail mix bocce court and a picnic table.

For all areas of the city, The City of Calgary has the goal of five playgrounds for 1,000 kids under 12. As per the 2019 Census, Christie Estates had 278 children aged 0-14. With two playgrounds in Christie and 11 in nearby Strathcona Estates, The City aims to have eight playgrounds between the two communities.

The intent is to create a gathering space for all ages for year-round use. Work to update the site will commence in 2023.

Bocce court example:

Bocce court example:

Note: Image does not reflect actual installation but intended to provide visual of concept plan. A packed trail mix versus cement will be used for installation.


For all areas of the city, The City of Calgary has the goal of 200 kids for each playground. Braeside is currently at 120 kids per playground.

To ensure the greatest utilization of area playgrounds, The City is proposing removing two smaller playgrounds and allocating funds to make two other, more heavily used playgrounds larger and updated.

The two proposed playgrounds to be removed, as noted on the map below, are in close proximity to each other and the school playground. The two playgrounds to be upgraded (see map below) are both heavily used and will be expanded to better serve the community.

The City is asking residents to provide input about which features they would like to see in the upgraded playgrounds, with work commencing in 2023.

Braeside playground locations

Please click on the info points to learn more.

Braeside map

Next Steps

Thank you for your time and input on the specific locations noted above. We look forward to considering all feedback to assist with optimization planning of community-specific projects. We will continue to communicate and work with communities on an ongoing basis as each project proceeds.