Vicious dogs (as deemed by the courts) have rules applied to them that other dogs in Calgary do not. A vicious dog is one that has chased, injured or bitten any other animal or human; damaged or destroyed public or private property; or, threatened or created the reasonable apprehension of a threat to a human, and which, in the opinion of a Justice, presents a threat of serious harm to other animals or humans.

We want to ensure that Calgarians are safe, and feel safe, around dogs.


When a dog is involved in a serious attack on a person or other animal, it may be seized by The City to investigate further. During the seizure process, a dog may be declared vicious by the courts. Once a dog is declared vicious there are some conditions placed on the dog owner to reduce the chance of another aggressive incident in the future.

The owner must follow specific rules to protect people from their pet.

When on private property, a vicious animal:

  • Must either be confined indoors under the control of a person over age 18, or
  • Be locked in a secure structure outdoors, or
  • Muzzled and on a leash, under the control of a person over age 18.

When on public property, a vicious animal:

  • Must be muzzled and harnessed/leashed, and
  • Be under the control of the person over age 18

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Your input, along with internal expertise and Research will be used to revise the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. All input collected online and in-person will be used to develop potential amendments to the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. We will then seek your input on potential amendments in phase 2 Engagement before presenting to the SPC on Community & Protective Services and City Council between January and March 2021.