Urban agriculture includes:

  • Livestock in an urban setting – Some people are interested in keeping livestock in the city to enhance their local food system or to raise livestock as a pastime.
  • Beekeeping in an urban setting – Recreational beekeeping can improve plant pollination and honey can be harvested from some bee hives.
  • Keeping pigeons in an urban setting - raised for racing or homing.

Currently, the bylaw states that livestock are not allowed unless the owner has a Livestock as Emotional Animal Permit. There are no regulations regarding beekeeping in an urban setting in the current bylaw.Regulations for pigeons in an urban setting is covered in section 27.1 of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. It states that any person who keeps pigeons must be a member in good standing of either the Canadian Racing Pigeon Club or the Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association and the pigeon wears appropriate identification.

We want to understand potential safety concerns to ensure positive community experiences.


What do you need in place to feel reasonably safe in areas where there is:

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Your input, along with internal expertise and Research will be used to revise the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. All input collected online and in-person will be used to develop potential amendments to the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. We will then seek your input on potential amendments in phase 2 Engagement before presenting to the SPC on Community & Protective Services and City Council between January and March 2021.