A feral cat is one that lives outdoors and avoids human contact. Stray cats also live outdoors but may have at one point been owned and lived inside, and are domesticated. Roaming cats can include owned cats that are loose as well as stray and feral cats.

The current bylaw states that cats must be confined to an owner’s property. We want to hear Calgarians' expectations of cats and the rules surrounding them in Calgary.


This question focuses on stray cats that roam free, and cats that belong to humans who let them roam free.

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Feral cats are different than stray cats. Feral cats are un-owned domestic cats that live outdoors and avoid human contact.

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Your input, along with internal expertise and Research will be used to revise the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. All input collected online and in-person will be used to develop potential amendments to the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. We will then seek your input on potential amendments in phase 2 Engagement before presenting to the SPC on Community & Protective Services and City Council between January and March 2021.