We know that not every secondary suite in Calgary is registered with us. It is important to register secondary suites to ensure they are safe, for homeowners and renters. There are a variety of reasons why someone may choose not to register their secondary suite and we want to identify and understand them.

By participating in the survey below, people who own secondary suites (registered and unregistered) will help us gain a better understanding of the barriers and challenges to registering a secondary suite. Responses will help us improve the current processes, supports and incentives to encourage the registration of more secondary suites. We will also use this information to improve or develop new resources for homeowners/landlords.

We also want to learn about the lived experience of people who rent secondary suites (registered and unregistered). Their feedback will help inform potential improvements to the current secondary suite registration process. It will also help us improve our resources and/ or supports for tenants to address their needs.

Throughout this page and the surveys, the term "suite" means “secondary suite”. A secondary suite is a self-contained residence with two or more rooms that includes kitchen, living, sleeping and bathroom areas. Secondary suites are located within a home (see illustrations below). This project does not apply to apartments or backyard suites.

Your feedback will help The City take steps to improve secondary suite registration and develop possible supports and incentives that could benefit you.

Your feedback is strictly confidential and cannot be attributed to you or your property

Examples of where secondary suites may be located within the home.

Online Feedback is Open Nov. 6 Below

Please give your input before the survey closes December 15, 2023 at noon

Are you a neighbour of a secondary suite?

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