The City of Calgary has a network of 83 enclosed bridges that connect office towers downtown; they protect pedestrians from the weather and provide more direct connections between buildings so that users do not have to cross busy urban streets.

In 1984, a Plus 15 Policy was approved by Council. Currently The City, the steward of these structures, is gathering input to update this policy to comply with modern standards, and look for opportunities for growth, improvements and wayfinding within the Plus 15 network.

Our goal is to update the Plus 15 Policy, and also create a network strategy, security strategy, asset management strategy, and finally a funding strategy to help guide and support the Plus 15 network for years to come.

Phase Two

View the Phase 2 engagement boards here. You can also find some of the important images below.

Phase Two Survey

1) What amenities are most desirable for you to reach by Plus 15 bridge?

(Select your top 2 choices)

  1. Feasibility (heritage building, building designs, owner support) #
  2. Cost #
  3. Travel Time/Distance Reduction #
  4. Connections to transit (LRT stations, bus stops, hubs, consider future growth/stops) #
  5. Demand (existing pedestrian volumes, existing and future land and building development, lack of alternate options) #
  6. Current Policies and Council Direction (approved area land use plans, CP track crossings) #
  7. Street Level Integration (avoiding competition with street-level shops; vitality, street security, traffic/walking delay, street classification and function) #
  8. Aesthetics (visual corridors, impact on public spaces, visual identity) #
3) Would you prefer having a wayfinding app for the Plus 15 network instead of the existing signs with static maps?

(select your top 5 in order of importance)

  1. GPS location #
  2. Attractions #
  3. Commercial uses #
  4. Hours of operation or “now open”/ “now closed” indication #
  5. Events occurring on or near the Plus 15 network #
  6. Routing options #
  7. Road names #
  8. Building names #
  9. Washrooms #
  10. Public art #
  11. Seating areas #
  12. Doors at street level that access the Plus 15 network #
  13. Staircases at street level that access the Plus 15 network #
  14. Elevators #
  15. Bridges that are universally accessible #
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Phase One


Thank you for participating and providing your input. A What We Heard report will be posted as soon as all information is reviewed.

Your input will help The City create an updated Plus 15 policy. This first phase of engagement is focused on identifying issues and opportunities related to the current operation of the Plus 15s. Please tell us about how you currently use these bridges, what services or improvements might encourage you to use them more, and how you think they could be improved.

Your input, along with feedback we are collecting from building operators and other directly impacted stakeholders, will help to inform possible updates to the policy. Future engagement opportunities will provide additional refinements as the project progresses through 2018.

How many times a week do you typically use the Plus 15 network in good weather conditions?
How many times a week to you typically use the Plus 15 network in poor weather conditions (cold/wet/snow)?
Thinking about your typical week, how many times do you use the Plus 15 network on weeknights (after 6 pm) and/or weekends?
  1. Weather protection #
  2. Pedestrian / vehicle separation #
  3. Access to Shopping / restaurants #
  4. Access to Work #
  5. It is a safe way to travel #
  6. Easier to cross streets #
  7. Open space / gardens #
  8. It is fast or direct #
  9. Comfort #
  10. It is a way to spend time with other people #
  11. Exercise #
  12. It’s enjoyable, relaxing or interesting #
  13. Access to services (travel agent, medical, daycare, accountant, etc.) #
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Do you prefer using the Plus 15 network instead of using sidewalks and/or streets?
How do you typically access the Plus 15 network? Do you access from...

Please choose the best answer.

When you are on the street and trying to find a way into the Plus 15 network, what do you look for?

Please choose the best answer.

Please tell us what don't you like about using the Plus 15 network (if anything)?

Choose all that apply.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how easy is it to find your way through the Plus 15 network?

1 = very easy, 5 - very difficult

Do you ever look at the maps in the Plus 15 network?
Is it easier to find your way through the Plus 15 network when you can see the buildings or streets outside?
Please tell us how easy or difficult is it to understand the signs for the Plus 15 network?
How often do you typically use any of the open areas, seating space or outdoor gardens in the Plus 15 network?
In your experience are there are parts of the downtown that are missing Plus 15 bridge connections?
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Considering the options below, what types of changes do you suggest for the Plus 15 network?

Choose all that apply.

What types of activities in the Plus 15 network would encourage you to use the Plus 15 on weeknights and weekends? (Please choose only 5 answers below)

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.


A What We Heard report will be posted as soon as all information is reviewed.