Engagement is now closed. Thank you for your participation. A What We Heard report will be published in the coming weeks.

In the Phase 1: What We Heard report, we heard how valued Munro Park is to the community of Mountview / Winston Heights.

Based on your feedback, we are presenting two options for your consideration:

Option 1 - Current Master Plan

Option 1 reflects the 2014 masterplan and has minimal interventions in comparison to Option 2.

You loved, so we kept:

  • The health and fitness focus
  • The existing fitness equipment
  • The existing picnic areas
  • The existing walking loop
  • The existing mature trees
Option 1: Munro Park Existing Master Plan

Option 2 - Enhanced Features

Option 2 is a collection of the latest results from our previous engagement and includes a wide range of enhancements.

Please note: The final design may be a combination of both Options 1 and 2, and is dependent on your preferences below, as well as budget, technical and environmental constraints.

We heard the following ideas and suggestions for park improvements and upgrades. With this we can offer an exciting design concept that will include the relocation of design elements from Olympic Plaza to be included in the Park Entrances and Plaza. (Option 2)

You wanted, so we are proposing:

  • Providing opportunities for increasing site safety, particularly on western edge (fenced dog area)
  • An updated, inclusive and accessible playground
  • Additional shaded seating
  • Beautifying the park
  • A multi-sport flex field
  • A flexible, community gathering space
  • A diversity of multi-generational, multi-seasonal recreation opportunities
  • Additional waste disposal
  • Small additions such as a mini library and lost and found

Explore the map below to see what is being recommended and where you can offer your preferences. (What we want to know).

Option 2: Enhanced Design Features Map

Please click on the 'hotspots' for a brief description.

Munro Park:  Option 2 - Enhanced Features

Munro Park: Option 2 Renderings

We made the following design concepts based on what people told us. We also thought about design rules, the space we have, how nature would be affected, how things would work, and cost. Note: These are concepts only and the final project is subject to change.

What we want to know


Munro Park was identified as part of the City of Calgary’s Established Area Growth and Change Strategy (EAGCS). This project intends to provide important public space improvements in a growing and changing area by expanding the quality and capacity of the existing park through the addition of appropriate amenities.

Munro Park is currently well used but has further potential to enhance the local community, business activities, and improve connectivity in the area. The City has already made some improvements in Munro Park but there is still a vision to add playful amenities and connect the different park spaces into something creative, fun, and inclusive for all seasons.

Construction associated with Phase 1 of the Masterplan for Munro Park was completed in 2017, which included a constructed walking / running track with exercise nodes, additional picnic tables, trees, shrubs, and removal of the baseball diamond.

Current engagement is intended to address design proposals made in Phase 2 improvements of the park Masterplan, completed in 2014. These improvements initially proposed an enhanced playground and additional amenities such as a small skatepark and additional pathways. However, the final scope of work will be influenced by this public engagement process.


Munro Park, located in Northeast Calgary, was initially developed in 1948. During the first half of the 1900’s, Winston Heights/Mountview housed rural homesteads, which were provided to veterans of World War II.

Situated within one block of Main Street and Primary Transit Network corridors, the park plays a crucial role in the evolving landscape.

The project’s vision is to enhance Munro Park’s identity as a vibrant destination community park for the enjoyment of neighbourhood residents and visitors to promote active living, support the growth of the area, and help build a stronger community. The park improvements should be sensitive to the surrounding communities’ needs, consider traffic calming, pedestrian access, and provide seasonal appropriate uses and programing. The conceptual design for Phase 2 improvements will support The City’s engagement findings and address the needs of civic partners and interest holders.



The What We Heard Report for this engagement can be found here.

A special thank you to the Grade 5/6 students and teachers of Mountview School for their creative ideas for the future Munro Park. See below a collage of their artwork and ideas.


Next steps

Thank you for taking the time to consider these options and elements.

Please note that there is utility work scheduled in the area and the project team is working with the provider to ensure the more cost effective delivery schedule.

The project team will review your feedback and present the final design choices in a Phase 2: What We Heard report following this engagement.

From there, next steps will follow:

  • Finalize concept design with internal and external interest holders (Summer 2024)
  • Detail design and construction documentation (Fall 2024)
  • Construction procurement (TBD)
  • Construction start (TBD: dependent on budget, environmental and technical factors, as well as utility improvements happening in the area)