Update - January 2023

The third and final phase of engagement for the Riley Area Improvements Projects (formerly Kensington Area Projects) is now complete. For the complete engagement history, please visit engage.calgary.ca/kensintonarea.

For Riley Area Improvements Project information and updates, please visit calgary.ca/rileyimprovements.


We are looking at making a series of improvements to help support future Transit-oriented Development (TOD) near Sunnyside Station. These improvements include:

  • 3/4 Avenue NW: changes to the streetscape and pedestrian realm on 3 Avenue and 4 Avenue NW between 9a Street and 10 Street NW.
  • Kensington Plaza: permanent installations or regular programming for the plaza at the intersection of Kensington Road and Kensington Crescent NW.

We would like your help in identifying and evaluating these potential changes and improvements.

This project is part of the Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy, a program that provides funding to support short-term (1-3 years) public realm improvement projects in established communities where growth and change are happening.


Click through each of the tabs below to provide your feedback on different area improvements. Be sure to click the submit button at the bottom of each tab.


Between February and June 2021, we will be trying out different uses for Kensington Plaza, the space in front of the old Plaza Theatre at Kensington Road and Kensington Crescent NW. Some of these will temporary activities or programming, while others will be temporary examples of more permanent installations. Your feedback on these activities and installations will be used to help guide a redesign of this space, scheduled for 2022.

We will be posting pictures and descriptions of the current installation below. In addition, we have a short survey to better understand your experience with the installation. Please take a few minutes to read the description below and fill out our survey.

Pictures and descriptions of previous installations can be found in the Past Plaza Installations tab.


Local artist Cat Rankin (Instagram @cat_rankin) created a painted yellow brick road mural at Kensington Plaza to bring a playful, interactive experience to citizens passing by. Cat and her project partner Kathryn Roszell (Instragram @kathryn.roszell) painted the play mural and invited citizens to paint around the yellow brick road design to add their own special touch. The mural was created in partnership with the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone.

Provide your feedback below!


We are currently looking at different options 3 Avenue and 4 Avenue NW to improve the connection between Sunnyside Station and communities to the west. These options include:

  • Improved sidewalks;
  • More street trees and plantings;
  • Additional public seating; and
  • Bikeway connection (on 4 Avenue NW)

We will share designs for your input here once they are available.



Fireside, the first activation of the Kensington Plaza in 2021, is a partnership between the Kensington BRZ and The City of Calgary. The on-site installations include three pieces designed and built by groups of volunteers from local firm O2 Planning + Design and the University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, providing seating and a stylized wind break.

Each group designed and constructed a unique feature that incorporated design elements that support winter vibrancy in urban settings such as lighting and wind protection. The installations were constructed around large fire pits that provided warmth and ambience; the result of this tactical urban collaboration was the transformation of Kensington Plaza into a hub for winter activation.

Artist renderings of the Fireside designs:


Results from engagement related to Kensington Plaza and 3/4 Avenue improvements will be used to refine our final proposed designs. What We Heard Reports will be prepared for different elements of the project once engagement closes, and will be posted to this site.