Heritage Communities Local Growth Planning Project Working Group

Update, September 23.

The City was soliciting applications for locals who are passionate and committed to participate in the Heritage Communities Working Group. This working group will provide key input into the Heritage Communities project and will help ensure different viewpoints and perspectives are brought to the table. Applications for the working group closed on September 22.

We are excited to report that 170 community members applied to be a part of the working group!

The City is currently busy review applications and will be in touch with successful applicants in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please head over to the ENVISION page to join the conversation and share your ideas!

Where did the applications come from?

Acadia 34
Chinook Park 9
Eagle Ridge 5
Fairview 18
Haysboro 36
Kelvin Grove 6
Kingsland 6
Maple Ridge 14
Southwood 10
Willow Park 22
Other Communities 5
Development Industry 5
Total 170

Members of the working group will participate in dialogue of the broader planning interests of the entire area, bring different perspectives and viewpoints to the table and act as sounding board for The City as we develop a new policy plan for the area. To review the Terms of Reference for the Working Group, please click here.

Once the working group is formed, more information about the members and what they are working on will be posted here.


Testimonials from other working group participants

"I had a wonderful experience as a member of the North Hill Working Group. I got to meet so many great people from surrounding communities and have some really interesting discussions with them and The City. Some had similar concerns, some had different concerns, but what I really learned is that we are all interested in the well-being of our communities. I'm really grateful I had this opportunity to take input from the wider community and collaborate with such a diverse group of people." - Aysia S, North Hill Communities working group member


What communities are involved?

The Heritage Communities Local Growth Plan initiative includes the communities of: Eagle Ridge, Kelvin Grove, Kingsland, Fairview, Haysboro, Acadia, Southwood, Willow Park, Maple Ridge and Chinook Park.

What is the deadline for applying to the group?

Applications were accepted untill September 22, 2019.

How often will the working group meet?

There will be seven three hour working group sessions held between October 2019 and October 2020. These meetings are tentatively scheduled in the following months (and are subject to change):

Oct 2019 Nov 2019 Dec 2019
Jan 2020 Feb 2020 May 2020 Sept 2020

*Note an additional session could be scheduled as project needs arise.

Who will be on the working group?

The working group structure would intend to represent a broad range of stakeholder and citizens views and will include up to 34 members. Membership will be compromised of;

  • 18 - 24 members representing the general community with a balance of:
  • 7 members from: Community Associations in the plan area
  • 3 members from Representatives of the Development Industry

What is the purpose of this working group?

The purpose of this group is to serve as a sounding board to The City’s project team and participate in more detailed dialogue about the broader planning interests of the entire area including; connectivity of the communities, transition areas, interface and with a focus on big ideas and actions/ opportunities for future growth.

To review the draft terms of reference, please click here.

What is the authority of the working group?

The Working Group does not have an approving role for the new local growth plan. Rather, it serves as an advisory group, representing a cross-section of opinions and interests, to assist in setting policy direction for the new local area plan. The City Project team will try and accommodate the direction of the Working Group whenever possible, but City policy, budgetary, and technical considerations will also be factored into the decision making process and the final outcome will include a balance of community input, technical and policy feasibility and market viability.

What are The City’s expectations of working group members?

  • Group members are expected to participate in the seven Working Group sessions and provide input into the local growth planning process;
    • Review the local growth planning project information, examine the benefits and trade-offs of growth, and provide input into solutions that meet community needs for growth;
    • Act as liaisons to their respective stakeholder groups and the broader community to help ignite broader community interest, gather input and share information about the project;
    • Complete homework and research assignments, where applicable, throughout the project.

When will I be notified if I have been selected for the group?

Successful applicants will be notified by the week of September 23. With the goal of our first session being held the week of October 14

I have more questions I would like to ask before I consider applying.

Please email heritage.plan@calgary.ca and a member of the project team will get back to you as soon as possible.