In Phase 1 [ENVISION] we will look to get a better understanding of the local area and your communities. Gaining a better understanding of everything that makes your community tick will help the project team proactively explore ideas with your aspirations, concerns and viewpoints in mind.

Join the conversation below or check out the schedule of events for how and where you can get involved and save the dates! Engagement for this phase will be open until November 3, 2019.


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Join the conversation and share your ideas below. In phase one, there are five topic areas for you to provide feedback below.

  1. Community Values: What do you love about your community & the area?
  2. Areas for Improvement: What are the current challenges?
  3. Hopes & Fears: What scares you & what are your big ideas?
  4. Calling all kids! Draw us a picture. We want to see what the kids love most about their neighbourhood
  5. Show Us: Have a location specific idea or concerns to share with us?

You can click through the tabs below to join the conversation or check the schedule of events above! We will be collecting feedback until November 3.



We want to hear what you love and value most about your community and the Heritage area.

Tell us about the hidden gems. What are the assets that exist in your community? What makes your community unique and contributes to its character? Why do you love your community?

Tell us a story and feel free to include photos of the things you love.



When it comes to growth and redevelopment, we want to know what are the current challenges?

What kind of barriers currently exist in the community? What isn’t working and needs attention? What are the pain points that currently exist? What are the burning issues related to current redevelopment in your community?

Using this tool, please share your ideas below and it will be posted on a sticky note within the page. If you agree with a previous sticky note give it a thumbs up, if you disagree, give it a thumbs down.

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17 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“A new pedestrian bridge just south of Heritage Drive and Blackfoot Trail, along with a stairway down the ridge to Deerfoot Meadows”

17 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“Make rules to control who people can sell their homes to & remove potential of economic gain so people can’t sell their property to develope”

17 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“Buy winning lottery tickets for all so you can force individuals to upkeep their homes so that redevelopment isn’t an economic option. ”

17 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“Force home owners & land owners to be super generous and donate their land so we can turn everything into a park & duck pond.”

14 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“The area could use a nice park or green space for walks and picnics. Currently need to drive to a Stanley Park or Fish Creek.”

10 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“The public spaces (playgrounds, fields, pathways) need upgrading to encourage new families to move in. Heritage LRT needs upgrading as well”

10 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“A plan is needed for the old YMCA property. What happened to the Kerby Centre's plans to build there? Why were they rejected by Council?”

9 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“Area has seen many long time residents move on to nursing homes (passing away). I used to feel safe in our community, not anymore...”

9 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“Fix the bottle neck at Deerfoot trail and Bow bottom, before doubling the amount of people Living in these areas”

9 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“A-lot of schools in Acadia, students coming from across the city to attend, doesn’t make sense. Think Green. Reduce traffic.”

9 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“Fix bottle neck at Deerfoot and Southland, recent development along Blackfoot has added more traffic to the problem.”

9 October, 2019

Anonymous says:

“Encourage people to ride the School bus, number of parents driving kids is alarming. Not green, congests traffic. ”



Growth and redevelopment means change and we get it, change can be scary. Redevelopment can bring forward problems and concerns when not done in a thoughtful way, but change and growth can also bring opportunity, revitalization, and some exciting things that contribute to vibrant and welcoming communities.

We invite you to participate in conversations with your neighbours about your hopes and fears connected to growth and redevelopment in the area. This tool allows you to post your comments for your neighbours to see and you are also able to reply to comments posted by your neighbours. Please keep it respectful.

We want to hear from you about:

  • HOPES: We want you to think about big ideas! What great outcomes would you like to see from growth and redevelopment? What are your aspirations for your community through change? What should things look like in 20 - 30 years? Who currently isn’t being served well enough by your community, and what opportunities exist to fill those gaps? What would make your community better, safer, more accessible and enjoyable? Where do you see the biggest opportunity for growth in the community?
  • FEARS: We want you to think about future threats. What problems or concerns do you have with future redevelopment? What scares you most about change to your community as a result of redevelopment?
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This activity is for the children and youth in the Heritage Communities! We want to see what the kids in the Heritage Communities love most about their neighbourhood, or what their hopes for the future are.

Draw us a picture and show us:

  • What you think makes your neighbourhood a great place to live!
  • What are your favorite spots and destinations.
  • What big ideas do you have and what do you think the area should have in the future?


Have a location specific opportunity or challenge to share with us?

Show us on the map below.

Using the marker please place a pin showing us locations where you think potential opportunities for redevelopment exist (blue pin) or where redevelopment challenges currently exist (red pin).

You can use the zoom function to get in closer.

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Tell us what you think of this engagement opportunity. Select the option that best describes your experience.


Over the next couple of months, the working group and project team will participate in sessions to improve understanding of community priorities and concerns and draft concepts for the local area plan. Your input provided in this phase will inform these sessions.

The feedback received through phase one will be summarized in a What We Heard Report and this will be shared with the community before we return for phase two of engagement – EVALUATE in Spring/ Summer 2020.