Smarter community planning

City Charters will help Calgary and Edmonton plan better transportation networks with improved parking and options for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists. Older neighbourhoods could be renewed by incentives to redevelop contaminated sites, and repurpose land reserved for schools. Charter proposals in this area fall under three themes:

  1. Transportation
    • An effective transportation system contributes to a city’s quality of life and ability to compete globally.
    • The right transportation operating rules and regulations make sure Calgary and Edmonton can develop systems that meet their unique needs and growth challenges.
    • By modifying some local operating rules and regulations, legislation does not need to be formally amended, saving cities and the Province time.

      Proposal examples:
      • Provide the cities with greater ability to develop infrastructure and transportation networks that integrate the needs of cyclists and pedestrians and thus promote an active and healthy lifestyle for citizens.
      • Enable the cities to tailor transportation rules and regulations, such as parking rules or speed limits in residential areas, to respond to unique local challenges and opportunities.

  1. Neighbourhood revitalization
    • City Charters will support Calgary and Edmonton as they plan for neighbourhood development that revitalizes existing communities.
    • Planning also ensures land is used efficiently and thoughtfully to develop complete and healthy communities.

      Proposal examples:
      • Enable cities the right to retain a portion of a school sites when a school is closed for open, public use purposes that benefit the community.
      • Provide greater flexibility to the cities to manage brownfield redevelopment to create development within applicable setback distances from landfills to encourage integration of these sites into the general planning process. A brownfield is land previously used for industrial and commercial development and may potentially be contaminated.

  1. Enabling smarter growth
    • City Charters will recognize the importance of sound land-use planning and orderly development.
    • They will enable enhanced planning and development that better allows Calgary and Edmonton to address growth matters in a way that best meet their communities’ needs.

      Proposal examples:
      • Cities will have the authority to define additional types of statutory plans, which will help the cities to realize their municipality’s vision for how its land will be developed and used.
      • Enable the cities to regulate their land use bylaws to support the re-imagining of land development spaces.

For more details please see the City Charters Overview Package on the Government of Alberta website.