We are looking to make improvements to help increase activity & mobility in the SW communities to make it more enjoyable for everyone. These improvements include the following projects:

  • 26 Avenue S.W. Improvements: we are making changes to 26 Avenue S.W. between Sarcee Trail and 14 Street S.W. to improve public spaces and enhance connections for people walking, wheeling and taking transit. 26 Avenue S.W. connects eight communities, including nine schools and over 50 businesses. Investing in improving infrastructure provides capacity to support growth and change in the southwest communities.
  • Buckmaster Park Area Improvements: Buckmaster Park, located between 21 Ave. S.W. and 23 Ave. S.W., will be the centrepiece of upgraded park improvements. The project’s focus will be to increase activity in the park, upgrade existing amenities, and improve connectivity with the surrounding neighbourhood. Improvements will build off previous recommendations from the Bankview Planning & Development Committee and feedback from the “This is My Neighbourhood: Bankview” project (2015-2016) .


These two projects are part of the Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy, a program that supports projects focused on our existing communities so they can continue to be vibrant and successful for decades to come.

This program is currently providing funding to support short-term (1-3 years) phase 1 projects like the 26 Avenue S.W. Improvements and Buckmaster Park Area Improvements that are located in established communities where growth and change are happening.

Events & Programs

Buckmaster Park

Bankview Winter Warm Up

Join us for the Bankview Winter Warm Up at Buckmaster Park on March 5.

Enjoy a fun afternoon outside with family and friends. We’ll have firepits and marshmallows for roasting, and our friends at the Bankview Community Association will provide hot dogs, veggie dogs and hot chocolate. Kids can play their way through our interactive street mural and both children and adults can test their broom skills on the inflatable curling rink! Hurry hard! We’ll also have a DJ playing tunes for those who love to boogie.


Saturday, March 5th


2 – 6 p.m.

Curling schedule:

2 – 3 p.m. – Open curling: Try out curling for the first time or work on your skills

3 – 4 p.m. – Curling bonspiel: Make or join a team and compete for prizes

4 – 5 p.m. - Open curling: Try out curling for the first time or work on your skills

5 – 6 p.m. – Curling bonspiel: Make or join a team and compete for prizes

26 Ave. S.W. Improvements

The highest priority corridor improvement locations were developed using a combination of feedback from previous public engagements, existing traffic volumes, historical traffic safety data, existing roadway geometry, and nearby community destinations. Safe travel to and from school sites along and nearby to the corridor, desire lines to access community destinations, and resolving accessibility constraints at intersections were emphasized in determining these locations.

26 Avenue SW Improvements

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Intersection Improvement Locations

1) St. Gregory School Access to 49 Street S.W.
This location was prioritized due to its proximity to Optimist Athletic Park, Calgary Christian School, and St. Gregory School; its connection with the mult-use pathway bridge over Sarcee Trail; the steeper grades on 26 Avenue S.W.; and the misalignment of existing curb ramps at 49 Street S.W.

2) 40 Street S.W. to Kelwood Drive S.W.
This location was prioritized due its proximity to Glendale School; the missing sidewalk connections north and south of the intersection; and the existing bike route to the north and future bicycle route extension to the south.

3) 35 Street S.W.
This location was prioritized due to its proximity to both Ecole Holy Name and Killarney School; existing curb ramps not meeting preferred accessibility configurations; the road grade to the south; and the bus stop access it provides in both directions.

4) 26 Street S.W.
This location was prioritized due to the desire lines it fulfills south to the multi-use pathway bridge crossing of 33 Avenue S.W., north to Alexander Ferguson School, and north to the Shaganappi C-Train Station; the existing bicycle route on 26 Street S.W.; and record of a historical bicycle collision at this location.

5) Richmond Road S.W. to 22 Street S.W.
This location was prioritized due to its proximity to Richmond School, North Point School for Boys, and 22 Street Park; the unusual offset intersection and lane access geometry; and the larger turning movement volumes at Richmond Road S.W. to access Crowchild Trail S.W.

6) 17 Street S.W.
This location was prioritized due to the reduced sight lines on 26 Avenue S.W. due to the vertical grade changes; existing parking patterns on the north side of 26 Avenue S.W. limiting visibility of people walking; and the desire lines it fulfills north to the Bankview Community Association via the existing stairs and south to Marda Loop and cSPACE King Edward.

7) 15 Street S.W.
This location was prioritized due to the desire lines it fulfills south to South Calgary Park and north to Buckmaster Park; the steep grade and accessibility constraints on 15 Street S.W. to the north; the intersection visibility restrictions posed by an existing tree in the south west corner; and the existing bicycle route on 15 Street S.W.

Buckmaster Park Area Improvements

Background – Where are we now

The redevelopment of Buckmaster Park has been an ongoing conversation over the past several years, including official conversation through the This Is My Neighbourhood initiatives. This work has laid the foundation for the current redevelopment concepts and is reflected in the City’s approach for improving the park space. We heard that the community values this park both as a local gathering place for families and friends, and it provides a key transportation corridor through the community of Bankview. We know that any improvements to the park must be appropriate in scale for the neighbourhood services and build on the functions of the existing park. The design team has developed the following design themes:

  1. Provide elements that support play and exercise.
  2. Upgrade and enhance existing park features and spaces to improve safety and functionality.
  3. Improve connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Use bright colours and patterns present on some of the elements.
  5. Incorporate 22nd Ave into the park space.

The project is guided by the following Vision Statement:

The redevelopment of Buckmaster Park will leverage the existing features of the park in order to improve the activity spaces and support play, gathering and travel through the community.

The Big Moves

Site Plan

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Using the ongoing dialogue from the community the design team has developed the following high-level concept, which is directing the project through Concept design, Detailed design and eventually construction.

  • The existing gathering spaces at the Hilltop, Community Garden and Picnic area will all be improved;
  • The main pedestrian corridor through the park will be improved/upgraded;
  • A new community gathering area will be designed near the North Park entrance;
  • An Activity node will encompass the existing basketball court and 22 Ave;
  • Direct transportation corridors to better serve the routes people are using

Park Concept Features

Provide Your Input

Next Steps

The feedback from this engagement twill be used to inform more detailed concept designs for the 26 Avenue S.W. and Buckmaster Park projects. The outcome of the feedback collected will inform the design of a fourth activity node or “preferred” concepts and direct design options for the projects. We are committed to maintaining open engagement throughout this project as we progress through the design process.