Project Background

The City of Calgary owns, operates, and allocates access to a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities in order to support the social, educational, physical and cultural needs of the community.

Calgary Recreation’s mandate is to shape the city’s recreation landscape, create vibrant communities, and inspire people to be active and creative by leading and investing in Calgary’s recreation sector. The City provides affordable, accessible and quality recreation, sport and leisure opportunities to participate in including programs, drop-in activities, and rentals and bookings. These recreation opportunities help build confidence, promote a positive lifestyle, and improve social, physical, and mental health outcomes.

Calgary Recreation is committed to ensuring there is a fair and standardized process to assign time in aquatic facilities for the public, user groups and others looking to secure time.

This framework will provide guidelines for how Calgary Recreation schedules use in aquatic facilities. The new framework will not apply to arenas, gymnasia, fitness studios, multipurpose rooms and any other amenity types not outlined.

Project Process

Over the next several weeks, Calgary Recreation will research best practices and have discussions with key stakeholders and user groups – including sport groups and provincial sport organizations – in order to create an updated decision-making framework that supports a fair and standardized scheduling process. Part of this research will involve a review of the recent Beltline and Inglewood Social and Recreation Needs assessment.

The updated framework will be based on a variety of criteria, including:

image showing project timelines

Project Timeline

Project Feedback

We expect to be able to report back our findings and recommendations in January/February 2022. Any changes to aquatic schedules would not take place until the start of the Fall 2022 booking process.

After the initial phases are completed and a draft framework has been developed, we will circulate initial recommendations for feedback. Notifications on when this site will be open for input will be forthcoming.