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Learn more about the approach we will be taking and the goals of this work. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find more information to help you think about areas that racism and discrimination may affect you.

Our Approach

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The Calgary Community Anti-Racism Action Strategy is gaining momentum.

The City’s goal is to co-create an Anti-Racism Action Strategy that addresses systemic racism and discrimination within The City and throughout Calgary. Ultimately, The City aims to become an anti-racist organization and to support efforts that will see Calgary become an inclusive anti-racist community.

Our approach to this work is to work alongside and with Indigenous and racialized community members to put forward your vision, experiences, and ideas for a better Calgary for all.

Your ideas will be taken forward to create concrete actions that can address racism, and change systems and policies.

We will do this by:

Bringing people together: connecting with Indigenous and racialized community members and groups through conversations and community events.

Creating a space to talk: understanding the nuanced individual, community, and social impacts of racism. Finding commonalities and differences across different communities.

Collecting all ideas: connecting personal experiences to systemic issues and identifying actionable opportunities for change.

Sharing your ideas: developing an action strategy for The City, including identifying key non-municipal leaders and projects that can be leveraged to support change.

Our Goals

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Our goals for this project are to listen, learn, and build communities where Indigenous and racialized people and groups have equitable access to City services and programs.

In particular, we will:

Identify barriers: identify barriers to accessing City of Calgary programs and services.

Share ideas for improvement: working with the community to share ideas on improving services and systems.

Develop actions for change: developing a diverse and inclusive strategy that is a true reflection of the needs of all Calgary residents.

Helpful information

To help you understand all of The City services and programs, we have created a number of helpful documents and videos. We have broken them down under 3 themes: Social Wellbeing, Community Safety, and Neighbourhood Life. Each section will dive deeper into information that may help you when giving us your thoughts and ideas for changes that could be made.