What is this project about?

Communities change and evolve over time. Conversations about where, why and how revitalization and redevelopment should happen are essential to ensure our communities change in the right ways.

Through the local area planning process, we’ll work together to create a future vision for how land could be used and redeveloped in the area.

A local area plan outlines a future vision for the area, provides guidance on what growth and change makes sense where, and includes development direction that residents, landowners, builders and developers, city planners and Councillors can commonly refer to as new development ideas are proposed by property owners and landowners in the area.

Learn more about Local Area Planning in Calgary.

The Greater Forest Lawn Communities Local Area Planning project is one of the 42 multi-communities areas in the city. This project includes the communities of Albert Park/Radisson Heights, Applewood Park, Dover, Erin Woods, Forest Heights, Forest Lawn, Forest Lawn Industrial, Penbrooke Meadows, Red Carpet, Southview, 09Q, and a portion of Golden Triangle.

A new local area plan will fill gaps in communities/areas where no local plan currently exists and replace other plans that are largely outdated. In this project context, the local area plan will cover multiple communities and will be adopted by Council as an Area Redevelopment Plan.

The City defines engagement as:


Four phase process from winter 2022 - fall 2023
  • Timeline item 1 - complete


    Phase 1: Spring 2022

    • Looking back at the past, understanding the present and envisioning the future of the area.
    • Share what you love about the community, what could be improved, and your vision for the future.
    • Apply to be a member of the working group
  • Timeline item 2 - active


    Phase 2: Fall / Winter 2022

    • Exploring where and how growth and change could happen in the area.
  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete


    Phase 3: Spring/ Fall 2023

    • Refining the local area plan and confirming investment priorities.
  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete


    Phase 4: Fall / Winter 2024

    • Sharing the final local area plan and bringing it forward to Committee and Council for review and decision.
  • Timeline item 5 - active



    • Landowners decide if and when they want to develop or redevelop their land.
    • If a landowner decides they want to redevelop their land under a different land use district (zone), they must apply for a land use redesignation.
    • In some cases, The City (rather than a specific landowner) will rezone land. The City is more likely to rezone land if it is aligned with the long-term vision for growth and redevelopment such as in the Municipal Development Plan or local area plan.
    • City Council is the decision maker on all land use amendements.
  • Timeline item 6 - active



    • Local area plans are meant to be ‘living documents’ that may be amended and updated over time as the community changes and evolves and as conditions and circumstances in the area change.
    • City Council is the decision maker on all local area plan amendments.