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Big Marlborough Park was created in the 1970s and has remained largely untouched. It is a heavily used greenspace in the heart of the northeast community of Marlborough Park, bordered by three schools and the Marlborough Park Community Association. Demographics in northeast Calgary show a higher population of new Canadians and ethnic groups for which parks and open spaces are vital to building a sense of community and supporting newcomers.

As one of the fastest-growing quadrants in the city, the northeast has limited redeveloped regional park facilities to service the area’s high demands. Existing features within Big Marlborough Park, such as the tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, playground, and toboggan hill, are nearing the end of their lifecycle or could use a refreshment and redevelopment to better serve the growing population.

The Big Marlborough Park project aims to enhance the park space, promote a greater sense of community, social inclusion, and improve the park's amenities. The ENMAX Legacy Parks Program identified this park, and it will address the NE quadrant’s need to enhance existing park space.

Phase one will begin this summer and include engagement and the creation of a master plan. The master plan will guide the redevelopment project so that the community can influence how the park develops to ensure that it stays relevant and suits its users in the years to come.

The first phase of engagement is scheduled for this summer and will focus on the communities’ values and priorities for Big Marlborough Park.

Google map image of Big Marlborough Park. It shows the green space, several ball diamonds, and surrounding buildings (schools and community centre).

Regional parks provide a special purpose or attraction which benefits users beyond an immediate community. They are designed to support longer durations of stay, accommodate a range of activities, serve multiple communities and include specialized amenities which would not be typically found in community parks, such as multi-sport surfaces, cultural landscapes or accommodation for large event spaces.

A master plan for a park serves as a roadmap. It guides how the park should be developed, used, and managed, considering its natural, cultural, and historical features. The plan is closely followed to ensure effective park management.

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The first round of engagement runs from June 17 - July 29, 2024. The Big Marlborough Park Master Plan is a big project therefore we have a lot of questions! The questions below are sorted by subject matter so you can choose which ones you can provide feedback for or you can answer all of them!

The Big Stuff (3 questions)

Gathering diverse feedback ensures that Big Marlborough Park remains a beloved and community-driven space.

Values and Priorities (3 questions)

Concerns (3 questions)

Accessibility (4 Questions)

Your Story (4 questions)

Events (4 questions)

Education (3 Questions)

Sports and Recreation (3)

Nature (2 Questions)

Future Thinking (1 Question)

Imagine five years from now. What will be the most important thing to you in Big Marlborough Park? What about 10 years? What about 20?

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19 July, 2024

Anonymous says:

That Filipino Calgary Tennis Club can adopt this court and become a premier tennis venue for tournaments.

18 July, 2024

Anonymous says:

The Redbull Action Sports Fest World Cup Mountain Bike Dirt Jumping, BMX/Skateboarding Street/Park, UCI World Cup Pump Track.

18 July, 2024

Anonymous says:

Clean, well maintain, lots of green spaces, solar powered lightings throughout the park and safe environment for everyone that uses the park

17 July, 2024

Anonymous says:

5 years - developing the trees and gardens. Ensuring the accessibility is maintained. 10 years - keeping the park without allowing developme

12 July, 2024

Anonymous says:

a clean park that’s multifunctional and well maintained, a sense of community/curiousity and undoubtedly safe for kids to be kids and roam.

8 July, 2024

Anonymous says:

That it’s a space that my then-teens will want to hangout together continuing to challenge themselves & encourage each other in the skateprk

5 July, 2024

Anonymous says:

I believe that allowing us to adopt the tennis courts and having a clubhouse or enclosed shelter adjacent will be a very good idea.

30 June, 2024

Anonymous says:

I love being able to walk around the whole park and see people is it all year long. I would love more vegetation and natural play structures

30 June, 2024

Anonymous says:

Pump park. More pollinator plants. Definitely more garbage cans and porta-potties year round. Survey was cumbersome with the captchas.

29 June, 2024

Anonymous says:

Beautiful greenery, lots of walking path space, and the skating rink with hockey nets in winter.

28 June, 2024

Anonymous says:

More mature trees, well kept infrastructure, and especially the park kept as a park IN ITS ENTIRETY, in perpetuity.

27 June, 2024

Anonymous says:

I've lived in MP since 1988, so 2044 isn't far. I want every inch of the park to be the big, beautiful, green space that I loved then & now.

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Park Usage (Mapping Exercise)

Park Concerns (Mapping Exercise)

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