Phase two engagement

Using feedback gathered in Phase one of engagement, we have created a second design for 2 Street S.W., between 10 Avenue and 26 Avenue. Please review the information below and fill out the short survey to tell us what you think of the original and new designs.

The original design proposed the changes outlined below. An overview of the proposed changes to the roadway can be found on the plan drawing and display boards.

Road changes:

  • Four to five curb extensions
  • Painted bike lanes along both sides of the road
  • Parking all moved to the west side of 2 Street S.W.
  • Continue to have two-way traffic
  • New all-way stop at 2 Street S.W. and 26 Avenue

Parking Impacts

  • Loss of approximately 13 parking stalls and one 20 minute loading zone
  • Addition of four parking stalls
  • Conversion of Park Plus paid zone (approximately 19 stalls) into hybrid spaces (free parking)

The new design proposes the roadway changes outlined below. An overview of the proposed changes to the roadway can be found on the plan drawing and sounding board sign.

Traffic calming/pedestrian improvements:

  • Curb extensions at 13 Avenue, 18 Avenue, 21 Avenue, 24 Avenue and 26 Avenue to provide a shorter crossing distance for pedestrians

Cycling improvements:

  • Two-way cycle track, snow and ice maintenance friendly design
  • Bicycle signals at signalized intersections
  • Dashed green pavement at intersections and alleys to enhance the visibility of people cycling

Changes to parking:

  • Permanent parking on east side of road
  • Off-peak parking on west side of road (no parking between 7 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.)

Changes to traffic and access:

  • The new concept converts 2 Street S.W. into a one-way street, allowing people driving to travel northbound.
  • 40 km/hr posted speed
  • New all-way stop at 2 Street and 26 Avenue S.W.
  • Two vehicle travel lanes during the morning peak period (7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.) and one lane outside of peak period
  • Dedicated left turn signal phases will be added at locations with high left turn volumes
  • The grid street network will continue to accommodate local access for vehicles with minor delay

1. Which of the following best describes you? Please select the answer that best describes you.

Before answering the question below about the new design, please view the information provided above about the new concept.

2. Do you support the new concept which can be found at the top of the page? Please select your level of support.
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Before answering the question below about the original design, please view the information provided above about the original concept.

3. Do you support the original concept? Please select your level of support.
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Phase one engagement

In June, we provided in-person and online engagement opportunities. Participants were asked to provide feedback on curb extension locations, lowering the speed limit on 2 Street S.W. to 40km/h and the conversion of on-street parking that would be moved from 2 Street S.W. to 24 Avenue to free parking. The feedback we received is in this What We Heard report.

We heard that:

  • There is wide support for traffic calming on 2 Street S.W. including enhancing pedestrian crossings and lowering the speed limit to 40 km/ hr.
  • On-street parking is important to people living and travelling through the area
  • There is also support for more separation for people cycling from people driving and that a street design that is similar to others in Centre City is desired

The display boards for the in-person events can be found here.

The engagement will ask survey participants to choose their top choices for curb extensions along 2nd St. The survey is also looking at potentially reducing the speed limit along 2nd St as well as what the preference is for the new free parking along 24th
Choose your top four (4) locations for a curb extension at 2nd St SW and:
Would you support a speed limit reduction from 50km/h to 40km/h along 2nd St SW?
Would you like the paid parking zone on 24th Ave to be converted to a '2 hr' or 'all day' free parking zone?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

About the project

About the project

The City of Calgary is upgrading the existing bikeway along 2 Street S.W between 26 Avenue to 10 Avenue S.W. With more people cycling on this road, an upgraded bikeway will provide a safer, more defined route, while connecting to the river pathway and downtown network.

The project will also include traffic calming and safer pedestrian crossings. Some parking changes are anticipated, but those changes will still allow for smooth and predictable traffic flow.

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Next Steps

After reviewing the feedback, we are delaying construction work until 2019 while we continue pursuing additional street designs that address what we heard. In the fall, we will host a second phase of engagement to provide the community with an opportunity to share their input on revised roadway designs.