Phase 3: Reveal. We are now in the design recommendations phase. Please join us at the final information session for this project on Tuesday, Oct. 22 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Symons Valley United Church (38 Kincora Rise N.W.). Review the recommended plans for the 144 Avenue N.W. study area, discuss them with the project team and provide your feedback.

Project Overview

The City of Calgary is undertaking a functional planning study for 144 Avenue N.W. This study will look at the general design and placement of 144 Avenue N.W. between Symons Valley Road N.W. and Panorama Road N.W., including the West Nose Creek crossing and the future realignment of Symons Valley Road onto Mountain View Road (see study area map below). Existing growth in Symons Valley and planned growth in the Glacier Ridge Area Structure Plan area drives the need for infrastructure improvements to the area transportation network including providing support for important active travel modes and transit connections.

The functional planning study will take existing and planned communities into consideration as part of the mobility review to determine the long term needs for all travel modes. Some of the many other considerations that will help form the functional planning study include:

  • Engagement feedback
  • Previous plans
  • Environmental and historical conditions
  • West Nose Creek requirements
  • Utility and storm water accommodation
  • Existing terrain and slope stability
  • Community / development access
  • Right-of-way (property) requirements
  • Construction costs
  • Public safety

    More information can be found on the study page.
  • Project Background

    The Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) classifies 144 Avenue N.W. as an Arterial Street for the West Nose Creek Crossing and a link in the Primary Cycling Network.

    144 Avenue N.W. is planned to be the only continuous east-west connection north of Stoney Trail, has been previously planned as a 6-lane road and has been identified as an important transit corridor connecting to the future Green Line LRT.

    Rapid development of lands south of the 144 Avenue N.W. study area and the planned development north of 144 Avenue N.W. (Glacier Ridge ASP) has placed increased pressure on The City's efforts to pre-plan the transportation network requirements necessary to accommodate the many development initiatives in the area including: new alignments for Symons Valley Road, Shaganappi Trail and Sarcee Trail.

    The 144 Ave. N.W. bridge over West Nose Creek (between Symons Valley Road and 24 Street N.W.) will improve overall transportation network connectivity in northwest Calgary. Investing in Mobility has identified the bridge crossing of West Nose Creek as a leading infrastructure requirement for development of any new communities north of 144 Avenue N.W.

    The functional planning study will also identify an alignment for a 4-lane Symons Valley Road north of 144 Avenue N.W., crossing West Nose Creek and tying into Mountain View Road.

    Study Area & Process

    Project Area Map For 144th Ave N.W.

    The study area (see map below) includes 144 Avenue N.W., between Sage Hill Drive and 24 Street N.W., as well as, the realignment of Symons Valley Road from Sage Bluff Boulevard to Mountain View Road.

    Project Area For 144th

    Functional planning study process


    Over the past year we have worked with stakeholders and the public to gather feedback to develop design concepts, evaluation criteria and a recommended plan for the 144 Avenue N.W. study area, in three phases:

    • Discovery Phase: Discover ideas, opportunities, challenges and evaluation criteria for the study area with stakeholder and the public
    • Explore Phase: Explore design concepts and evaluation results with stakeholders and the public
    • Reveal Phase: Present preferred plan to stakeholders and the public

      We are now in the Reveal Phase. Provide your feedback:

      In-person feedback:
      Date: 22 October 2019
      Time: 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
      Location: Symons Valley United Church (38 Kincora Rise N.W.)

      Online feedback:
      Start date: 22 October 2019
      End date: 6 November 2019


    The City will prepare a What We Heard report summarizing all feedback following this public engagement sessions. Your input will help finalize the recommended plan for the 144 Avenue N.W. study area.


    The City of Calgary appreciates the communities’ participation throughout this project and would like to thank everyone who provided input and feedback.


    For more information about the study please contact the project team at