The City of Calgary, in partnership with the Evanston Community Association, is proposing an off-leash dog area to the east of Symons Valley Parkway N.W., in the green space between Evansford Circle N.W. and Evansford Grove N.W.

The area being proposed is 1.5 hectares, and would be intended to serve residents who live within walking distance (up to 800 metres away).

New infrastructure would include garbage cans and benches. Fencing around the area is not something that would be included in this project. Formal Parking would not be provided for this site. By establishing an area for dog owners to legally walk their dogs off-leash, the number of dogs in non off-leash areas may be reduced.

Why is this area being proposed?

This proposal is in response to multiple requests for off-leash space in the area. An analysis of available spaces in the area was completed and this is the only suitable location available for an off-leash area.

We are engaging with the community to ensure there is an appetite to develop an off-leash area in this space.

Proposed off-leash area

The proposed off-leash area is located east of Symons Valley Parkway N.W., between Evansford Circle N.W. and Evansford Grove N.W.


The City of Calgary has decided to conduct a one-year pilot of the Evanston off-lease area. After one-year, Calgary Parks will review the operation with stakeholders including the community association, ward Councillor, Calgary Community Standards, and Parks operations. This review will inform a recommendation on whether a permanent off-leash area is implemented. The decision criteria used to evaluate the pilot will include the number of complaints to Community Standards, the nature of those complaints, parking issues, and site conditions.

Please click here to view the 'What we heard/ what we did' report.


Thank you for your contributions. Please click here to view the 'what we heard' report from both the in-person open house and online engagement.

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  • Community feedback will be included in a 'What We Heard' report that will be shared publicly.
  • City of Calgary Parks will make a final decision on suitability of this location, using engagement feedback from multiple stakeholders to help make the decision.
  • From there, information on the final decision will be shared with the community.