New questions about the project

We have had a few questions come in about the project throughout the engagement so far. We want to share those questions and answers with everyone. To make it easy for you to find them we have placed them at the top of the page.


Twelve Mile Coulee is a natural area park in northwest Calgary. It has two off-leash areas and many hiking and biking trails.

In 2021 two trail restoration projects will be taking place in the park.

The first restoration will be in Spring 2021.

  • It was pre-selected for repair due to an eroding cliff that has created a hazardous slope.
  • This will include trail closures and detours.
  • This work is a safety need and is not open for public to input.

The second restoration will be in Fall 2021.

  • This will work on general trail restoration in the park.
  • It will work on improving the overall safety and enjoyment of the trails by all users.
  • We are looking to hear from you about the trails to inform this work.

What can you expect as part of the restoration?

  • Dirt trails are being repaired, they won't be upgraded to pavement or gravel trails.
  • Bridges are not part of this project.
  • Timber steps may be installed where deemed necessary.
  • Trails that are undesignated or a safety concern will be closed based on priority and budget availability.
  • 12 Mile Coulee will remain open to during the projects, but there will be closures and detours on some trails for work. Watch for signs in the park for more information on detours and closures.
  • Scroll to the bottom for more information about the project.


Please note: The trails marked in red on the map above are currently undesignated trails, the only designated trails are marked in green.




Your input, and the input of other citizens and stakeholders, helps The City understand people’s perspectives, opinions, and concerns. Input collected is shared in a What We Heard report.

Although it would be a great outcome, the goal of public engagement is not to reach consensus or make everyone happy. Public engagement is also not about voting or collecting representative information. Public engagement is about considering the input, ideas and perspectives of people who are interested or impacted by decisions, before decisions are made.

The feedback we collect from you will help us understand which trails are the most used and will help us to identify hazard and safety concerns on the current trails. The aim is to not close popular trials wherever possible during the trail repair work.

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