From fall 2019 to fall 2020 we will be working with stakeholders and the public to gather feedback to develop design concepts, evaluation criteria and recommended plans for the Country Hills Boulevard and 128 Avenue N.E. study areas. We will do this in three phases:

  • Discover Phase: Discover opportunities, challenges, priorities and evaluation criteria for the study area with stakeholders and the public
  • Explore Phase: Explore design concepts and evaluation results with stakeholders and the public
  • Reveal Phase: Present preferred plan to stakeholders and the public

We are currently in the Explore Phase of engagement and invite you to review the project materials and provide your input. On this page you can:

  1. Review the PowerPoint presentations or boards of both Country Hills Boulevard N.E. and 128 Avenue N.E. for information about this phase of the project and design options. On the PowerPoint presentation there is audio narration available by clicking on the speaker icon on each slide for additional information. Watch the video at the link on this page to hear a description of the projects and options.
  2. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  3. Submit a question of your own.
  4. Complete the surveys for one or both projects to provide feedback about the options being considered in the studies; as well as on this engagement opportunity.

The survey feedback will be open until July 26, 2020.


Country Hills Boulevard N.E. provides an essential east-west connection in north Calgary, establishing a vital link to Deerfoot Trail and access to the Calgary International Airport. Planning for the widening of Country Hills Boulevard N.E. between Coventry Boulevard and Barlow Trail to six lanes will improve mobility for existing residents and support future growth, while providing an opportunity to review and improve sustainable transportation modes along the corridor. The existing interchange at Deerfoot Trail has challenges and opportunities The City would like to explore.

128 Avenue N.E. provides an important east-west connection through the Stoney Industrial Area which is identified for significant future growth of industrial development. The road connection is required to accommodate all modes of transportation, including motorists, public transit, cyclists, pedestrians and heavy vehicles accessing the Stoney Industrial Area. The objective of this study is to identify the functional planning design and preferred locations for the road and bridge(s) placement, determine efficient connections to existing roads and identify long-term right-of-way requirements.

As both the timing and location of these two studies are so close together, The City will seek key stakeholder and public input for the two projects in a joint engagement process.

128 Avenue N.E.

For a project overview, please view the boards or open the PowerPoint presentation with audio narration for additional information.

128 AVE. N.E.

  • Better accommodate people who walk, bike, take transit and drive.
  • Improve safety for those who travel through, or commute along, the study area.
  • Provide new connection of 128 Avenue N.E. between Barlow Trail and Stoney Trail.
  • Plan for new interchanges on both Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail.
  • Provide new crossing over CP railway and Nose Creek.
  • Minimize impacts withing the study area.

128 AVE. N.E. AREA

128 Ave. Alignment

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128 AVE. FAQ


A What We Heard Report for the Discover Phase of engagement was shared with the public early in 2020. This July, we are exploring design concepts and evaluation criteria with stakeholders and the public. A What We Heard Report for the Explore Phase of Engagement will be shared with the public as soon as it is prepared following the close of online engagement. By early 2021, we will share a preferred plan with stakeholders and the public.