We're exploring how growth and development could happen in a meaningful way for your neighbourhood. If you live, work, play or travel in the area of North Hill and the communities of Hounsfield Heights, Briar Hill, Capitol Hill or Banff Trail, we want to hear from you.


In Phase One we are looking for your input online and in person at a workshop.

In person

Attend a workshop and participate in a mapping exercise to share your ideas about what is working well or needs improvement in the area of North Hill to better serve communities of Hounsfield Heights, Briar Hill, Capitol Hill and Banff Trail. If you have lots to share, stay for the full workshop and discuss your thoughts with City planners and other residents. If you have limited time, feel free to drop in to share your ideas on an "express lane" community map. Date, time and location details are above in Key Dates.


Check out the North Hill community planning map below to share your ideas about your area. Simply click the red bar, click the area of your choice on the map to drop the pin, type your comment and submit. If your idea is not related to a particular area on the map, please share below.

What do you love about the North Hill area? What could be better? Where would you like to see change in your neighbourhood?

Share your ideas for the overall North Hill area here.

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24 April, 2017

reddevil170 says:

“I love my neighborhood. Great place to raise young children, but walkability and bicycle access could be much improved.”

24 April, 2017

reddevil170 says:

“Keep the housing density in Briar Hill/Hounsfield Heights as is. I don't oppose higher density development along the TCH.”


In Phase Two you will have the opportunity to respond to the ideas presented in Phase One engagement and add new ideas. This will help us refine the input received in the first phase. There will engagement opportunities online and in person.

All of the feedback will be included in a What We Heard Report and will be used to understand local perspectives on the future success of your community.