About the project

The City of Calgary received a proposal (file number LOC2016-0064) from B&A Planning Group, representing Morguard Residential Properties Inc., to redesignate (rezone) a portion of the Wyldewood Estates apartment complex at 9700 Bonaventure Drive SE to allow for a mixed-use development.

Please see the “Site Plan” tab to view the proposed land use districts. Landuse districts determines, among other things, heights, density, and allowable uses. Put simply, land use determines an imaginary box in which a building can fit, along with the types of homes, offices, businesses, that can operate in that building.

If the land use redesignation is approved by Council the overall distribution of buildings, building design, mix and size of uses, and site layout details such as parking, landscaping, and site access will be determined later at the development permit stage.

City staff is seeking public input throughout the application process, and will incorporate feedback where possible. The plan for the site must adhere to policies, guidelines, and bylaws adopted and or approved by Council.

Site Plan

April 2017 Revised Proposed Land Use Districts

March 2017 Revised Proposed Land Use Districts

Wyldewood Proposed Land Use Districts

March 2016 Proposed Land Use Districts

Land Use Redesignation Process

The general land use redesignation process is as follows:

1. When the application is received, adjacent landowners, the local community association, the Ward Councillor, various City departments (such as Transportation Planning, Development Engineering, and Parks) and other external agencies (such as utility companies) are circulated a copy of the application to gather their input.

2. The City's Planning Department reviews the application on its urban planning merits, a review of the technical aspects of the application including (but not limited to servicing and transportation components), compliance with City planning objectives and policies, including (but not limited to) the Municipal Development Plan and local area plan applicable to the area.

3. Following a formal review of the application, and the comments received from the circulation process, City staff prepare a detailed team review document that summarizes the list of outstanding issues with the application. This involves a period of negotiation with the applicant to resolve any identified issues.

4. Upon satisfactory resolution of the detailed team review comments, City staff prepare a report for the Calgary Planning Commission, which is a committee appointed annually by City Council to make recommendations to Council on land use planning matters. The report contains a recommendation for the proposed land use redesignation. The commission can request changes to the redesignation proposal or can forward the report along with their recommendation on the proposal to City Council.

5. Once the Calgary Planning Commission has made a recommendation to City Council on the land use redesignation, it is advertised for a two-week period in the Calgary Herald and then goes to Council for the final decision. Council is required to hold a public hearing on all land use redesignation applications before voting. Citizens can speak directly to Council at the hearing or submit written comments.

The land use redesignation process generally takes between 9 to 12 months to complete. The process may take longer if there are complex policies or technical issues that need to be resolved.


The City of Calgary asked for public input on this land use redesignation application. We asked to hear from you about the strengths and weaknesses of the application, and any other suggestions or concerns you may have with the application. Please click here to view the 'What We Heard" report.

You may submit written comments to City Council through the City Clerk's Office starting on July 6, 2017. They can be contacted at cityclerk@calgary.ca

While we are asking for the community’s thoughts on the project, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the applicant will implement everything that the community suggests. The plan for the site must balance many factors including existing City policy goals, landowner’s rights, technical feasibility, and stakeholder’s feedback.


The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.