As Calgary continues to grow, so too does the need to provide essential services. The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) is key to the safety of Calgarians and continuity of emergency response is a critical factor when choosing a location for a new hall. Rapid growth in southeast Calgary necessitated an urgency of need for a new fire hall to service communities in this area.

After exploring options for a temporary unit, CFD determined that a transportable structure that can be purchased, mobilized, stored, and moved to accommodate emergency response activities as required, would be an asset to The City until the permanent structure is completed.

The following map also shows the plan for a permanent Fire Hall within this overall parcel. The permanent structure will allow for increased efficiencies operations and long-term establishment of service delivery to the community.



The safety of Calgarians and continuity of emergency response were considered critical when choosing the site design and building layout.


We will be ready with the right equipment, staffed by competent, polite and caring people

We will respond to your call for service promptly

We will stay with you until we have done everything we can to help with your emergency

We will do everything we can to keep you and your family safe, and feel safe, both inside and beyond your home

We are the City of Calgary Fire Department


We would like to thank everyone who has visited this site and left your comments and inquiries about the first phase of the this project. In general the majority of comments have been very supportive and it would appear that the opening of a Fire Hall in this community is a welcome addition.

As the development of the permanent Walden Fire Hall progresses, The City will engage the community to receive input on what the project could add to the community. Involving the community in a complete engagement process allows us to create meaningful dialogue and address questions or concerns as the development of the site continues.

The following is a response to the two most common questions that have been received to date. We invite you to continue to leave comments and inquiries as we progress through the project phases. We would also like to remind you that the current activity is with regards to the placement of the temporary hall structure to allow for operations to commence as projected per the timeline shown and as to not interfere with the development on the permanent site location as indicated on the map.


Calgary Fire Department (CFD) has multiple stations in residential areas that are in close proximity to homes and there are minimal complaints regarding noise disturbance and use of lights. In addition to regulatory protocols, CFD acts as a good neighbour in residential areas by reviewing the requirements for the use of the lights and sirens prior to exiting the station.

If the situation (high traffic times, pedestrians in the vicinity) deems it necessary the lights and sirens will be used. It is not common practice to have the lights and sirens on each time the engine leaves the station.


CFD considers several factors when planning for the location of a new fire station and assesses new community growth areas to identify if there is any response coverage from existing fire stations in neighbouring communities.

  • Overall size of the new community development area with comparable adjacent communities. CFD looks for similarities including incident types, building types, population density and overall risk. Since new developing communities may only contain partial response coverage, this analysis is required to identify those gaps in order to determine the requirements for a new station.
  • The existing and/or proposed population of the area. This ensures an adequate person to station ratio is representative for a new fire station in the area.
  • Future road networks, and their connectivity to existing roads, to ensure that a fire station be strategically placed with direct access to major roads that allows for efficient omni-directional movement.
  • Upon completion of the analysis, CFD will select and model various station locations to identify optimal placement that offers the best area response coverage.
  • CFD will then recommend when the station should be built, ensuring that it aligns and coincides with approved budget cycles and timelines for the development areas to ensure effective coverage at build out.

Additional specifics to this location:

In some of our station planning projects, there is limited available locations for CFD to place a station where we model it, and for some projects, developers do propose and provide land for our use. In the case of the Walden Station the developer had land available for municipal use in the outline plan, which subsequently worked for response coverage, and this is the parcel that CFD landed on to have the new Walden Station as other locations of interest were not available.


Temporary Hall Installation
Temporary Hall Installation
Temporary Hall Installation
Temporary Hall Installation
Temporary Hall Installation


You may have noticed the placement of signage near the site, this is to further advertise to residents about the project and where to get information and leave comment. Work is progressing with permits and then moving to site prep and placement of the temporary structures projected for this summer.

The City of Calgary will communicate with the public about the development of Fire Station #43 on an ongoing basis. Please click on Communications Updates tab for the latest news and responses.

For updates or inquiries on this project, please continue to check this page, call 311, or send an e-mail to engage@calgary.ca