As Calgary continues to grow, so too does the need to provide essential services. The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) is key to the safety of Calgarians and continuity of emergency response is a critical factor when choosing a location for a new hall. Rapid growth in southeast Calgary necessitated an urgency of need for a new fire hall to service communities in this area.

After exploring options for a temporary unit, CFD determined that a transportable structure that can be purchased, mobilized, stored, and moved to accommodate emergency response activities as required, would be an asset to The City until the permanent structure is completed.

The following map also shows the plan for a permanent Fire Hall within this overall parcel. The permanent structure will allow for increased efficiencies operations and long-term establishment of service delivery to the community.



The safety of Calgarians and continuity of emergency response were considered critical when choosing the site design and building layout.


We will be ready with the right equipment, staffed by competent, polite and caring people

We will respond to your call for service promptly

We will stay with you until we have done everything we can to help with your emergency

We will do everything we can to keep you and your family safe, and feel safe, both inside and beyond your home

We are the City of Calgary Fire Department


As the development of the permanent Walden Fire Hall progresses, the City will engage the community to receive input on what the project could add to the community. Involving the community in a complete engagement process allows us to create meaningful dialogue and address questions or concerns as the development of the site continues.


Your questions will help us develop additional information and updates to keep you informed on this project.

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The City of Calgary will communicate with the public about the redevelopment of Fire Station #43 on an ongoing basis.

For updates on this project, please continue to check this page or call 311.