Project Description

Thank you to all who provided input. The survey is now closed. Please come back to this page in January 2019 to see the report of what we heard.

Why are we proposing changes?

The City of Calgary is updating our transportation bylaws to make roadways more inclusive for all Calgarians.

Many of the changes are being put forth to legalize behaviours that are commonly accepted and currently in practice. Updates to various City bylaws will provide clarity and consistency regarding the use of bicycles and personal mobility devices, reduce the risk of being ticketed for socially acceptable travel behaviour and improve safety.

Proposed changes

Amending our existing bylaws allows The City of Calgary to:
  • Create a safe passing law, which would require anyone operating on City roadways to give one metre (approximately three feet) of space between themselves and anyone else on the road, prior to passing.
  • Allow cyclists to yield instead of coming to a full stop when entering/exiting a roadway or sidewalk from/to a pathway. Currently cyclists must come to a complete stop prior to entering/exiting from/to a pathway, unless the intersection is marked with a yield sign.
  • Modify existing rules on separate hand signals for cyclists, allowing riders to use either the left or right arm to indicate a right turn on our road right of way. Currently only the left arm is legal.
  • Legalize the use of non-motorized personal mobility devices (skateboards, scooters, inline skates, etc.) on bicycle infrastructure, such as cycle tracks and in public spaces in the downtown core, namely Olympic Plaza, Stephen Avenue Mall and Barclay Mall. Currently, only bicycles are legally permitted to operate in these areas. Amending the bylaw would permit skateboards, scooters and inline skaters to operate in similar public spaces following the same regulations and hours observed by cyclists. In addition, mobility aids (such as electric scooters and wheelchairs) would also be permitted to operate within the cycle tracks.
  • Allow electric pedal assist bicycles on Public Transit. E-bikes would be allowed on City buses anytime, provided a bicycle rack is available and on CTrains during non-peak travel hours (6:30 to 9 a.m. and again from 3 to 6 p.m.). Currently, only non-electric bicycles are allowed on Public Transit.
  • Permit drivers to park in designated areas, even when those areas are not against a vertical curb.

Background Information

Impacted City bylaws

The proposed changes would affect the following enacted bylaws:

Why are these proposed changes happening now?

Our primary goal is for all transportation options to be safe and attractive options. The proposed changes to the existing bylaws are in response to permissions given by the City Charter and relating to a July 2018 Council Notice of Motion (C2018-0934).

Benefits to Calgarians

Updating the proposed bylaws:

  • Ensures that our roads, sidewalks, cycle tracks and public spaces are accessible and inclusive for all Calgarians.
  • Improves safety on shared networks for all road users.
  • Provides more flexibility and choice options for defining parking.
  • Encourages citizens to take advantage of more travel options by allowing the broader use of non-motorized personal mobility devices* on our existing cycle tracks and in public spaces in the downtown core.

*When we refer to non-motorized personal mobility devices we mean things like skateboards, inline skates, or scooters.

Alberta Traffic Safety Act

You can find more details and definitions related to City traffic and transportation bylaws in this provincial legislation:

Past Engagement

Thank you to all who provided input. The survey is now closed.
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How you feel these bylaw changes would impact your travel experience?
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1) Allow skateboards, inline skates and scooters in downtown public spaces and cycle tracks
2) Permit cyclists to indicate a right turn with their right hand/arm
3) Create a safe passing law of one metre space between road users

Considering your responses above, please explain why you selected what you did or how you feel these changes will impact you or our city. You can also use this space to share any other thoughts or questions you have about these bylaw changes and related benefits, challenges or other things you feel The City of Calgary should know related to these proposed changes.

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5) Tell us the main ways you travel (select up to 3 options).

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Next Steps

After your feedback is collected we will review and summarize the information into a What We Heard Report. Check back in January 2019 for the full report. There will also be two additional opportunities for Calgarians to speak about the proposed bylaw changes. The first is a meeting of Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit and a public hearing at a meeting of City Council in early 2019.

Stay updated

Visit, Calgary’s City Council meeting webpage to learn more about public hearings and meeting dates or sign up to receive email updates about the proposed transportation bylaw changes. We will send several projects updates including the dates of the two Council meetings in early 2019, once they have been determined.