Project Update

We are moving forward! The Symons Valley Centre project is relaunching this fall. Check back for details!

About the project

The Symons Valley Centre is a City of Calgary development project on seven acres of City-owned land in Sage Hill at 251 Sage Hill Boulevard N.W.

This multi-use development will be anchored by a main street with a vibrant design where people in a community can live and come together to enjoy a variety of activities.

Co-located on the site will be a branch of the Calgary Public Library, and affordable housing. A Calgary Transit centre will also be developed in the future.

Location map

The site is centrally located within five developing communities in the Symons Valley area in northwest Calgary: Kincora, Sherwood, Sage Hill, Nolan Hill, and Evanston. The future population of these areas is expected to reach 55,000 people.

While a Master Plan was originally developed and approved by Council in 2019, the project was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, construction inflation, and the need for additional coordination between city departments and partner organizations.

The Symons Valley Centre is being developed in phases:

Phase 1: Mainstreet, public infrastructure and Library

Phase 2: Affordable housing with a mixed-use component for other services

Future phase: Private development and a transit centre will also be included on this site

What's happening next?

Our next steps include:

  • public engagement on a refreshed master plan
  • development permit and building permit for Phase 1 library and public infrastructure
  • determine how affordable housing will be delivered