In Sunnyside, flooding can happen when the flow rate is approximately 927 cubic metres per second (m3/s), which has a 10 per cent chance of occurring each year. Because the community was developed so close to the Bow River, there will always be a risk of flood. That said, we can also work to lessen this risk by implementing flood mitigation measures: a key one being the construction of a permanent flood barrier along the riverbanks of the community.

Currently, The City is proposing to design and construct a permanent flood barrier in Sunnyside. The proposed Sunnyside flood barrier is a foundational piece of the City of Calgary’s Flood Mitigation and Resiliency Plan. In conjunction with upstream storage, provided by construction of a new reservoir and modified operations of TransAlta’s Ghost reservoir for five years, it will help us manage flood water and avoid the type of damage we saw in 2013.


The proposed location for the barrier is on the left bank of the Bow River. The height, length and aesthetics of the barrier will be determined after technical studies and community consultation.

There is an existing berm along the proposed alignment which does not meet industry standards. The existing stone block retaining wall running parallel to the pathway system south of the Princes Island Park pedestrian bridge would be replaced with a flood wall. A new seepage trench system is proposed immediately north of the barrier on Memorial Drive to manage groundwater. The barrier is one of several projects in Sunnyside to improve flood management. The other projects include:

Map of projects including Sunnyside Pump Stations #1 and #2, Upper Plateau Separation Project and Sunnyside sanitary lift station.


This project is early in the preliminary design stage. During this stage, The City along with design and engineering consultants will be gathering detailed information about the area, conducting site surveys, completing engineering studies and analyses and consulting community members, businesses and local interest groups to develop recommendations for exactly what the barrier could look like.

Project Timeline


We recognize that input from you is key to making this project a success. As we kick off the project, we are collecting input on the unique characteristics of the Sunnyside community that will need to be considered in the design. This information will help to guide the engineers and landscape architects who are working on the preliminary design for the barrier.

Please see the boards that were presented at the public session here.

The What We Heard Report for Phase 1 of the engagement can be found here.

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The What We Heard Report for Phase 1 of engagement is available. An open house is scheduled for September 24, 2019. At this session, The City will share information gathered through studies so far and present the options being explored for the barrier in Sunnyside. Public input will be a part of the social factors considered in The City's analysis. The session will take place from 5 PM until 8 PM at Sunnyside School (211 7th Street N.W.).