Project Background

At the February 27, 2024 Regular Meeting of Council, Council approved direction to Administration to undertake the necessary steps to consider changing the current station name, Fish Creek – Lacombe CTrain station to additionally recognize St. Mary’s University by renaming to St. Mary’s University / Fish Creek Station and report back to Council through the Executive Committee no later than Q4 2024.

Station History

Originally named as 146th Avenue Station, Fish Creek – Lacombe Station is located north of James McKevitt Road and east of Shawnee Gate. In 2001, City Council approved changing the name to Fish Creek – Lacombe Station. At that time, it was considered that the name Lacombe held historical significance as it honors Father Albert Lacombe, a pioneer whose parish covered the station area and includes the Lacombe Home and Centre, and the site of St. Mary’s University. In addition, since Fish Creek Park is the largest and most well-known landmark near the station, its name would help residents easily identify the station’s location. Due to public interest in including a historical reference and a preference for a name that incorporates a geographical landmark, City Council approved the name Fish Creek – Lacombe Station.

Engagement Questionnaire

The following questionnaire will help us understand participant perception on renaming of Fish Creek- Lacombe Ctrain Station to additionally recognize St. Mary's University.