Calgary’s Civic Sport Policy was endorsed by the sport community and approved by Council in 2005 as a means to grow, foster and encourage sport and sport opportunities in Calgary.

It has been more than ten years since Council first approved the policy and now we feel that it is an appropriate time to evaluate the progress to date, as well as, to seek a better understanding of:

  • Issues and barriers to achieving the desired impact of the Policy.
  • The City’s role (municipal role) within the broader sport delivery system.
  • How the City works with its partners to achieve Council’s priorities.
The City hired Western Management Consultants to help us benchmark, reach out to stakeholder groups and citizens, and prepare future-state recommendations.

Update: The NEW Sport of Life Policy was approved in May 2018.


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What we asked

We want to hear from you one more time to ensure we got things right and didn't miss anything through our prior engagement. Your feedback will be provided to the Project Manager who will use it to inform the final proposed policy that will go to Council in early 2018.

The four investment priority areas identified in the proposed Sport For Life Policy are:

  • Sport Programs and Initiatives (page 9)

  • Sport Infrastructure (page 10)

  • Allocations (page 11)

  • Sporting Events (page 13)

Please review the relevant pages to answer the questions below.

How do you think these priorities will benefit you or the sport organization that you represent?

Sport Programs and Initiatives

Sport Infrastructure


Sporting Events

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Previous Engagement

To date, we have conducted benchmarking, surveys, interviews and focused discussions with individuals and organizations representing a broad range of stakeholders including sport, education, health, diverse communities, social services and all levels of government. The final What We Heard Report summarizes the work completed by Western Management Consultants in Q1 2017.


At each step in the process, we are reporting what we’ve heard. What we heard in this final round of engagement will be reported here and included in our report to Council.

Your feedback will go directly to Calgary Recreation and will be taken into consideration as the final policy is shaped.

Other factors that will inform the Civic Sport Policy include:

  • Research within Calgary Recreation
  • Sport Policy General Population Study
  • Federal and Provincial sport policies, strategies, research and best practices
  • Alignment with existing council policies, plans and priorities as well as considerations of any limitations to implementation.