About The Project

A new regional park will be developed in Calgary’s southeast community of Seton, located in the green space between Seton Drive S.E. and Seton Park Road S.E. The future regional park will include approximately 6.4 hectares (15.8-acres) of space with specialized amenities and open space.

The green space will be undergoing a transition from its current informal uses to a designated City of Calgary regional park space.

The City of Calgary will be seeking public input on potential amenities for this space. The feedback will be used during the design process for developing a master plan for the park that reflects community and regional needs. This master plan will outline a long-term vision for the proposed regional park, including a design concept that will guide the future development.

The new Seton Regional Park is anticipated to open for public use in 2027/2028.

Project Area

Project Background

Regional parks provide a special purpose or attraction which benefits users beyond an immediate community. They are designed to support longer durations of stay, accommodate a range of activities, serve multiple communities, and include specialized amenities which would not be typically found in community parks, such as water features, multi-sport surfaces, cultural landscapes, or accommodation for large event spaces.

  • Funding is secured for the first phase of work on the project, which involves creating a master plan to guide the future development of the regional park. The ENMAX Legacy Parks Program is funding this first stage of work.
  • The ENMAX Legacy Parks Program supports the planning, building, and maintenance of new regional park spaces, as well as the enhancement of existing regional parks for the benefit of Calgarians, now and into the future.

What It Looks Like Now

This land is adjacent to many public and private recreational and community amenities such as the Seton YMCA, Calgary Public Library, and the Joane Cardinal Schubert High School. This location presents a unique opportunity to expand upon complementary recreational activities offered in the area.

Your Input is Important

Over the next year and a half, we will be hosting some fun engagement events to gather public input on possible amenities to have in this space to make it a fantastic destination for everyone.

Your feedback will be considered and balanced along with other factors such as design principles, site constraints, and environmental, operational, and financial considerations. All of these factors will be used to develop a final design concept including amenities within the park.

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Where We Are At - Next Steps

The City of Calgary is currently working on the development of a request for proposal (RFP) to hire on a consultant to develop the park master plan.

Scheduled engagement events will be posted on our website as they are confirmed so be sure to check back periodically!

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to contribute to the development of Seton Regional Park. Your participation is vital in shaping this exciting project!

To begin, we’d love to hear what excites you the most about this project.

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21 May, 2024

Mir says:

I live across the street we are excites for the new build hoping there's year round amenities but different from the Ymca

14 May, 2024

Dianne says:

A combination of playing fields, wetlands, shade structures, seating and native plant gardens.

10 May, 2024

Jarom_Hawryluk says:

My condo overlooks this park and I am excited to see this project progress. It has huge potential to be a great space for our community!

24 April, 2024

Aly says:

Love a space for gatherings like farmer's markets or community events. I would also like picnic spaces and trees!

17 April, 2024

Janice says:

Opportunity to design a park from scratch - actually thoughtfully connect the part on foot to the surrounding areas! Direct, wide pathways