Over the past year, The City has been working with citizens and landowners to develop a Master Plan for the area around the Rundle LRT station, which is known as the Rundle Area Master Plan (RAMP). The RAMP was unanimously approved by City Council on December 18, 2017.

The RAMP sets out a long-term vision for how the area around the Rundle LRT station should develop in the future. The plan seeks to make the area more connected, to better knit together the east and west sides of 36 Street N.E., and to frame the LRT station with higher residential and commercial development. As part of its approval of the RAMP, City Council directed Administration to use the Master Plan to evaluate future development applications in the plan area and to consider the goals of the Master Plan when making future decisions about infrastructure in the plan area.


Rundle Station Master Plan Study Area

The area highlighted in red outlines the area that was studied and outlined in the Rundle Area Master Plan (RAMP).


What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan may identify projects for improving the study area and provides guidance to developers and The City for future building projects. It also establishes a long term, shared vision for the area to guide future redevelopment. The Master Plan for the Rundle area will provide direction for City staff, landowners, developers and community members to make decisions on development permits and applications to ensure they align with the future vision of the area.

Why do we need a Master Plan?

The Master Plan helps to align the Rundle Station area to The City’s goal of creating transit-oriented communities, as set out by the Municipal Development Plan. It also ensures that as future development applications are submitted for the area, the development aligns with the long-term vision that was set out by community residents, landowners and other key partners in the Master Plan.

What is involved in the process to develop a Master Plan?

The master planning process was highly collaborative, where input and feedback from community members, landowners and developers ultimately shaped the final document. The City engaged with the public, analyzed the feedback and developed the Rundle Area Master Plan over a year long process.

What is the Rundle Station area?

The Rundle Station area is the area that was looked at in the Rundle Area Master Plan. It includes the area that is within a 10 minute walk of the Rundle LRT Station. A map showing the study area marked with a red line is available here.


Over the course of a year-long, three phase engagement program for the Rundle Area Master Plan, Administration engaged with residents of Rundle and surrounding communities, at five in-person public events, which included an open house, design workshop and charrette, and through three separate online opportunities. Face-to-face meetings and workshops were also conducted with interested landowners and other key stakeholders impacted by the Rundle Area Master Plan.

Engagement opportunities in Phase 1 included a combination of in-person events (an open house and a community planning workshop) and two online surveys. For a summary of what we heard during Phase 1 of engagement, please review the Phase 1: What We Heard Report.

Phase 2 took place between March and July 2017 and included a community workshop, open house and design charrette. The presentation from the design charrette hosted on July 22 can be viewed here, and the presentation from the report back session on July 26 can be viewed here (please note, these are large files). The City compiled the Phase 2: What We Heard Report, which provides an in-depth overview of all the activities that took place and summarizes all of the input from Phase 2.

Phase 3 of public engagement concluded in November 2017. This included an in-person open house on November 1, as well as an online survey that ran from November 1-12. A summary of the feedback and comments received can now be viewed in the Phase 3: What We Heard Report.


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