The Neighbourhood Streets Rosehill project launched in fall 2020 in a partnership between The City of Calgary and the Rosemont Community Association. The goal is to create streets where neighbours can connect and have access to travel options for all ages and abilities. The project includes:

  • Community engagement to identify, prioritize and evaluate areas where we can make changes to the streets in Rosemont
  • Installation of temporary traffic calming measures in 2021 to reduce vehicle speeds and improve pedestrian safety and comfort
  • Installation of permanent infrastructure starting in 2022, based on public engagement to evaluate and test the temporary measure, technical analysis, prioritization and available resources

As part of Phase 1 engagement for the project in late 2020, we met with the Rosemont Community Association to discuss locations for traffic calming. Rosehill Drive emerged as a key corridor for traffic calming to address concerns around speeding and shortcutting. We then engaged Rosemont School students to perform a walking audit of Rosehill Drive, test traffic calming measures (curb extensions) in a one-day street lab, and offer recommendations of what else could be improved. Results of that engagement can be found here (scroll down to Project History and click on the Student Involvement tab).

Street Lab

Figure 1. Curb extension at Rosehill Drive and Rosewood Road made with pylons that was tested during Street Lab with Rosemont Students in June 2021.

This fall, temporary curb extensions were installed along Rosehill Drive at either ends of Rosery Drive, at the Rosewood Road crosswalk, and at the Rosetree Road intersection. These temporary measures allow the community to experience the traffic calming measures, help The City evaluate their effectiveness and offer feedback on what locations should be made permanent in 2022.

Rosehill Temporary locations

Figure 2. Locations of temporary curb extensions installed in late September 2021. Locations are: Rosehill Drive at Rosery Drive (west leg), Rosehill Drive at Rosewood Road, Rosehill Drive at Rosetree Road, and Rosehill Drive at Rosery Drive (east leg)

A theme that emerged from Rosemont School student engagement is for more colour and art along Rosemont streets. We commissioned a local artist to paint a mural on the school pathway just off Rosevale Drive.

  • Figure 3. Word cloud of student wishes. Top words are: speed, colour, bike, more, lanes, lower, limit

  • Figure 4. Rosemont School pathway mural with foxes and roses

The Rosemont Community Association has made us aware of other locations where there are instances of shortcutting, speeding, and/or concerns for pedestrian safety. These locations include Roselawn Crescent and the crosswalk in front of Rosemont School along Rosevale Drive.

  • Roselawn Crescent is also a shortcutting route and because it is wide, people tend to drive at higher speeds down this road. There are concerns about pedestrian safety as this is a high crossing location to access Confederation Park.
  • The east side of the crosswalk to Rosemont School is often obscured by parked cars. Pedestrian safety and visibility are a concern at this crosswalk.
Rosehill Additional locations