What is the Protected Flood Fringe?

Protected Flood Fringe applies where there is a barrier to mitigate flood risk (e.g. berms, concrete walls, etc.)

These areas can still flood if:

  • The barrier fails
  • There is a flood larger than the barrier was designed to mitigate, the risk of which increases with climate change
  • The groundwater tabe rises and enters basements

It is important to note that the failure of a barrier is unlikely but everyone should be aware that there is still some risk in a worst case scenario.

Where is the Protected Flood Fringe?

Properties that will fall in the Protected Flood Fringe are currently mapped as Flood Fringe, Overland Flow Zone, or located outside of the current flood hazard area because the 1:100 floodplain boundaries have changed since the last flood mapping in 1983.

Protected Flood Fringe will apply to: The Downtown | Sunnyside/West Hillhurst (once construction is complete) | The Zoo | Inglewood | Bonnybrook | Some of Montgomery/Shouldice.

Areas with a barrier under construction or in its planning phases are not yet reflected in draft flood hazard maps. The Province will update the maps once the barrier is complete.

How do we regulate today?

Protected Flood Fringe is a new flood hazard zone, and therefore has no existing regulations in Calgary’s Land Use (Zoning) Bylaw. River communities always need to prepare, respond, and adapt to future flooding, especially given the impacts of climate change on flood risk.

New Land Use (zoning) regulations will balance existing flood mitigation that reduces exposure to flooding while acknowledging remaining/residual risks.