What is the Flood Fringe?

The Flood Fringe is located outside of the Floodway and High Hazard Flood Fringe and would be flooded during a 1:100 year flood.

Compared to the Floodway and High Hazard Flood Fringe, the Flood Fringe’s floodwaters are shallower, slower and less destructive.

Where is the Flood Fringe?

The Flood Fringe was a category in the previous version of the flood maps from 1983 and the Province has updated its boundaries. Some areas previously not within the Flood Hazard Area are now Flood Fringe.

Areas that remain Flood Fringe from the previous map include: Bowness | Bridgeland | Areas along the Bow River downstream of the Elbow River confluence

How do we regulate today?

Today, new buildings and significant additions to existing buildings may be constructed in the Flood Fringe and Overland Flow areas, if designed to prevent structural damage by floodwaters. There are no extra restrictions on density or the types of land uses that can be located in the Flood Fringe.

Depending on the location of the parcel and building, the Land Use Bylaw identifies design requirements for specific situations.