Project Update

The City’s transit-oriented development program is making a series of community public realm improvements to help support future Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in the communities of Ramsay & Inglewood.

The project team has developed a preferred master plan for Streetscape Improvements to 12 Street SE, 11 Street SE, & 11 Avenue SE and a Greenway connecting the future Ramsay-Inglewood Station to the Elbow River Pathway. The team is currently planning construction details for the Streetscape Improvements component and finalizing the scope of the first phase of construction based on available budget. Construction on the Streetscape Improvements is planned to begin in Spring 2024 in order to align with adjacent development projects and reduce the duration of construction in the communities. Before construction begins, The City will engage thoroughly with interested parties throughout 2023.

Streetscape Improvements

The streetscape improvements component of the project will consist of improvements to the public realm and streetscape in the following areas:

  • 11/12 Street SE from the Zoo Bridge to 26 Avenue SE
  • 11 Avenue SE /11 Street SE from 8 Avenue SE to 12 Street SE

What will the streetscape look like?

The 11 ST SE and project will create safe, thoughtful mobility connections and community spaces through:

  • A balance of transportation options, including a focus on pedestrian and cyclist improvements.
  • A family-friendly, safe street that focuses on the needs of the community.
  • A design that reflects the communities unique identity.

What are our goals for these streetscape design?

The design concepts shown in this section are a response to the priorities identified by community participants in phase 1 engagement. They include more space for pedestrians, active modes, trees and seating while still accommodating the efficient flow of automobile traffic. The main highlights proposed include:

  • Automobile lane reduction – converting the 11/12 Street SE corridor from 4 automobile lanes to 2, with additional turning lanes at key intersections to maintain traffic flow.
  • Bi-directional pathway for bikes and scooters – west side of 11/12 Street S.E. corridor north of 17 Avenue SE, then crossing to the east side of street, south of 17 Avenue S.E.

*see design renderings below (click on image for enlarged view)

Additional Project Information

About the Project

The City’s transit-oriented development program is intended to support a high quality of life across Calgary by creating vibrant, active and interesting neighbourhood centres where people and businesses thrive. New development will provide the opportunity for more people to live, work and shop within walking distance of public transit. That means more citizens and visitors will have an easy, accessible and economical way of living and travelling in our city.

The communities of Ramsay and Inglewood in southeast Calgary will soon undergo significant transformation with a new light rail transit station and several nearby developments proposed. To support this change, The City’s Transit-Oriented Development Program is leading a cross-corporate project to re-envision, re-design and ultimately deliver components of the public realm including streetscapes, parks and pathways.

To learn about where the current design concepts are at please click on the What We Did Report to see how we utilized feedback in the develpment of these plans.

Scope of Work


See map below.

(Click map to enlarge)

Project Area

The Ramsay-Inglewood Station Area Improvements project will focus on public realm improvements to the following areas:

  • 11/12 Street SE from the Zoo Bridge to 26 Avenue SE
  • 11 Avenue SE /11 Street SE from 8 Avenue SE to 12 Street SE
  • Jeffries Park
  • Greenway link from Ramsay-Inglewood Station, through Jeffries Park to the Elbow River
  • Area south of future LRT station, opportunity beneath portions of elevated LRT

Past Engagement in the area

This project has been guided by previous engagement that took place in the communities of Ramsay and Inglewood from 2015 through 2021. Engagement events include:

  • Green Line Southeast Public Engagement Workshops - Jun 2015
  • TOD Workshops - Jun 2015
  • Inglewood & Ramsay Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) - Apr 2016
  • Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan (LAP) - Jun - Aug 2020

Ramsay-Inglewood Station Area Improvements 2015-2021 Engagement Summary


Social and Healthy Lifestyles

Mobility and Community Function

Character and Identity

Economic Vitality

Positively impact the social and physical well-being of residents by providing safe and comfortable spaces where people can socialize and be active

Improve connections around Ramsay-Inglewood Station so those who walk, wheel, take transit and drive can easily access local and city-wide destinations

Establish a sense of place that offers memorable experiences for residents and visitors

Boost economic vitality by attracting more people to local businesses, supporting redevelopment opportunities promoting investment


Please refer to the project map.

We have developed a very rough, early estimate of $24M for all components of this project, based on other, similar work. One of the reasons for conducting this work is to refine and clarify the expected costs of each project component.

Based on previous engagement with community and opportunities that have arisen over time (like the fire hall and certain private development proposals)

Construction of the project components will require funding approval from City Council. If we receive that approval, construction could start as early as 2023 on some project components. Other project components won’t be able to start until construction of the Green Line commences, expected in the 2026-2027 timeline.

The first opportunity for input is to help us validate the information we have gathered from previous engagement that has taken place since 2015. Once validated, our design team will generate concepts that we will share with the public for further review and evaluation, sometime in the fall 2021.

The conceptual designs we prepare this year will form an important part of the business case we will use to ask Council for capital funding to begin building these community improvements in the next budget cycle (2023-2026). Preparing designs for these improvements will also help make them ‘shovel ready’ and therefore eligible for funding programs from other levels of government that may arise.

No, there will not be a City-led land use amendment process as part of this project. While other TOD projects may require a City-led land use amendment prior to investment in community improvements, there is sufficient City and private development proposals near the future Ramsay-Inglewood Station to justify these investments.

While we think that these community improvements are justified based on other City investments (the new fire hall, for example) and private development proposals, the timing to construct some of these community improvements, like the greenway / pathway will depend on the final design and construction timing of the Green Line.

Greenway Plan

The Greenway provides a vital connection between the Ramsay-Inglewood Station to the Elbow River pathway and the broader neighbourhood connections.

Greenway Report

What are our goals for these Greenway design?

  • Pathway Connections
  • Fill gaps in recreation needs
  • Facilitate active and passive recreation uses
  • Provide public recreation social space
  • Provide event spaces

Draft plan for Greenway Concept (click here or on image below to view):

Past Engagement


The primary objectives for phase two of engagement are to:

  1. Obtain feedback on the public realm community improvements being considered (intersection improvements, greenway public space enhancements, and streetscape improvements)
  2. Identify which public realm improvements are most preferred by the public (and which are not)

There are three different types of projects:

  • Greenway Public Space Enhancements: The City proposes to redesign the greenway public space corridor adjacent to the future Green Line LRT. This greenway will provide an important link between the future Ramsay/Inglewood Station and the Elbow River pathway system.

  • Streetscape Improvements: Proposed improvements to the roadway and public realm of the 11/12 Street SE corridor from the Zoo Bridge to 26 Avenue SE, and to 11 Avenue SE /11 Street SE from 8 Avenue SE to 12 Street SE. This includes improvements to pedestrian movement and connectivity, as well as the safe integration of multiple modes of transportation.

  • Intersection Improvements: Several intersections on the 11/12 Street SE corridor have been identified for improvements to turning movements and signal timing in conjunction with the proposed streetscape improvements.

Your feedback from this phase of engagement, along with technical analysis, will help inform the final design recommendations for public realm improvements to the area.

Each type of public realm improvement is highlighted in the map below. Please click on the icons to learn more about the improvements.

To provide your input about greenway public space enhancements and streetscape improvements please click on the green and pink icons. The yellow icons are to provide you with information on intersection improvements and the technical requirements that will dictate design.

Click on the green and pink icons to provide your input about greenway public space enhancements and streetscape improvements.