Ward 5 Councillor George Chahal brought forward the Community-Based Public Safety Task Force in February 2020 to address community concerns about increasing violent crime. This Task Force is a diverse group of experienced professionals from various fields, including academic experts, community leaders, service organizations, public education, police, as well as provincial and federal government representatives.

Meeting public safety challenges requires the entire community to come together to better understand our strengths, our challenges, and our shared commitment. Through this Task Force, we intend to facilitate conversations within and between organizations by fostering a collaborative environment. As we collect input from the community, we will use it to shape further conversations and inform additional engagement.

Calgary's Community-Based Public Safety Task Force wants to hear your perspectives on public safety in Calgary. Local governments have an important role to play in developing safe and viable communities by continually developing contextually appropriate, community-driven solutions.

If you are involved with an organization that focuses on an element of public safety and may address issues with violent crime please contact the Public Safety Task Force to learn more at CAWard5@calgary.ca.


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